Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arthur's voice is heard!

I was walking home after another rough day at school when I was approached by this guy.

He asked me a question. Taken aback, I bumbled around for an answer. I sputtered it out. He then took my picture three times and said goodbye. I was left in stupor.

The next day, I picked up the school newpaper -- this is what I saw..

I was like, "Who is this strapping, handsome young man oozing out masculinity equal to a thousand men?" Then I realized it was me. *pause*

Seriously though, I was surprised.

My voice is heard!
Everybody knows... that I'm a nerd!

Arthur out! ;D


  1. That's that doooood! Thanks again for helping out with our video! If your free this weekend, we should get Ham Sauced! (I don't know if "no homo" would even save that comment)