Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Bday Chantha

We went to the Crab Pot to celebrate.

I have never been so full of seafood in my life. And I don't even like most seafood. I just didn't care. Oysters, clam, crab, corn, potatoes, salmon, mackerel, girl clam (well not really) -- I ate it all.

What they do is just cook the damn food and pour in it front of your face. Pretty much how I eat already (because I'm pudgy), but just in a restaurant. But for real, I was surprised that they just put all the food in front of you. When they rolled through and were like "Here King Arthur, a feast suited for the gods.." and just poured it in front of me?

Damn. Happy birthday Chantha -- thanks for helping me gain 17 pounds!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

From The We$tside, With Love

From The Westside, With Love DOWNLOAD LINK
The latest offering from Dom Kennedy. I've only just now started listening to it -- it's bananas so far.

Dom definitely embodies the westcoast feel. In a crowd filled with hypebeasts and Cool Kids type groups, Dom stands out to me. I can definitely identify with his laid-back style and delivery.

Just a preview, while your download is downloading...

We$tside is coming back!

Coo Song But...

... I swear dude is saying 'nutting on you' AKA the moneyshot . Call me a pervert, but come on (no pun intended).

Nut-nut-nuttin' on you babe!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Returning Home

I'm on the way back home from NY -- I'm on the plane right now.

I originally had a NotePad file with notes from NY that I was going to use to create a NY blog post.

I'm going to scrap that.

Partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because of the enormous amount of things we did -- we went everywhere. Multiple times. We walked. Alot. I usually hate walking, but I got way better at it just because of the sheer amount of walking we did every day.

Our days usually played out like this: Wake up around 12, eat a big lunch, walk around and do stuff for 7 hours, drink copious amounts of alcohol, head home at 5AM in the morning. We ate at all the good spots. Saw all the good spots. Had all the good times.

Special shout out to Joanne for having us over the whole time -- your hospitality is most definitely appreciated. I wish you luck in your upcoming med school interviews!

One random thing about New York that I thought was cool was that I could fart in public at will. New York is definitely home to some bad smells. It's to the point where I could let off some mean bare butt e-scent-uals and people we be like 'Man this city stinks!'

New York is awesome.

Who is the cutest?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gruuuuhh Vol. New York

Getting home when people are going to work? It's 6 AM.

Damn and good night.

Friday, March 19, 2010

NY - First Day

We got in around dinner time and decided to have some Greek.

Greek food is awesome.

I didn't take a picture of it because my camera broke. If I did, you would all be amazed and aroused. Tell me why the dude tried to bop us though? He tried to get us all to buy bottled waters. He kept on saying something really fast and ending it with 'water' after he asked the four of us. It went like this..
Blah-blah water?
Blah-blah of water?
Blattle of water?
Buttle of water?

His accent was hella heavy -- it took me a while to decipher before I caught onto him. Got em coach.

We did the tourist thing after that -- went to a beer garden and drank for days then took the subway to Times Square. The subway is pretty amazing. It definitely connects the whole city together. You can get to where you wanna go pretty easily.

Even though we have the subway, man you still gotta walk. Alot.

Great first day, just finished the second day but will talk about it later -- I gotta massage my feet.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New York

On a 737 to New York right now. I'm writing this using the plane's Wi-Fi.

I've never been -- the agenda is to do any and everything. I think it's going to be completely different seeing that I was born and raised in the northwest. Don't really know what to expect.

I'm excited! There's so many things to see.. I don't know what I'ma do with myself.

I'll try and keep you guys posted with brief entries -- but for now, halla at me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Round-By-Round Analysis - Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey

For 12 rounds.

Catch up: Pac Div and The Cool Kids

This past Tuesday, I went with my dude Dex to a hip hop show.

Pac Div and The Cool Kids were performing.

I'm a fan of Pacific Division -- they bring a refreshing sound to the west coast hip hop scene. Their production is top-notch and they slick on the mic. The Cool Kids are... cool to me, but I don't like them as much -- a little too hypish for me. Their beats are bass driven with the boom boom boom, which is cool but muddles me sometimes because I can't tell what song it is.

It was a good show though and the hypebeasts were most definitely out.

Basically The Cool Kids are cool because they have cool beats, but sometimes they get uncool because even though they sound cool, too much cool can turn to uncool so maybe The Cool Kids can change their name to The Uncool Kids to reflect their cool-uncool-ness.

You ever say/read/type one word too many times and start to think it look/sounds weird? I have that right now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ayeyeyeyeye, nanananNAnanaNA

Credit to Mia and Muri, video is hilarious.

Charlie Murphy!

Is not funny!

Went to his show last night thinking I'ma laugh my ass off. Nah, complete opposite. I mean, dude had SOME funny jokes but I wasn't particularly impressed. I was even under the influence of alcohol, nothing. Dude did not live up to the hype he got off Chappelle.

It seemed like he was holding back -- maybe because it was Seattle. I'm just saying though, he could have done better. One thing too, I swear people were laughing at the smallest things. Maybe it was courtesy, maybe they genuinely found it funny, maybe I'm piff.

Probably the 3rd option.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Having a bad day?

Having a bad day? Didn't wake up to your alarm? Miss your bus? Peed the bed? Pooped in your pants while running to the toilet because you had the Special Mystery Taco Salad Bowl with extra Tapatio?

Listen to this.

So soothing. It has that feeling where you're like, "Man, it's okay -- I'll get 'em next time!" or "Whatever, I did my best!"

Or it could just remind you of a porno shot in the 80's, but that's not the point.