Monday, May 5, 2008

I wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends!

Latarian Milton is a G...

So many quotables hahahha
"...I'ma soon have my friend come in.. and he smokes with the sigureetes (cigarettes)"

"I yanked, I y-yanked it... I yanked the tang"

"'s fun ta do bad tangs... I wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend..."

"...maybe a little bit -- no videogames for a whole weekend..."

You know you're G'd up from the feet up when you can rock a grown man polo with none of the buttons buttoned up and shorts that look like pants. I ain't mad at him. I used to actually dress like that also because I was pretty pudgy when I was young. Here we go...

I was also notorious for drawing on walls with permanent marker (I'm talking about pure white wall and just 'james' written in the middle of it in sloppy little kid's handwriting) and putting coins where they weren't supposed to be, whole bunch of stuff like that... but never ever takin' the car out hahaha. Plus I wasn't cool enough to have a 7-year old friend that smoked cigarettes, otherwise I would have had him come in so we could do hoodrat things (no homo).

Hats off to Latarian tho... Hopefully you can get through that weekend without videogames, I know I couldn't -- Grand Theft Auto IV just came out lolll. But of course that is if your grandma doesn't beat that ass too hard. hahahah damn


  1. LOL too bad i showed you this first. ;P

    my friend come and he smokin the cigureeets

    it's fun to do bad thangs

  2. OH my gosh, this video had me crackin up, and your comments on it even more so
    get at me, my myspace is