Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Street Fighter 2 vs. Jersey Shore

I'm fist pumpin' while watching this.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Notable Lyrics Vol. Gucci Mane

"...You got me really deally really jilly jilly,
'cause I'm really icy Gucci Mane la Flare,
I'm feisty,
and I know that you don't like me."
- Radric Davis, aka Gucci Mane - Money Tall

This dude is becoming one of my favorite rappers just because he talks straight up nonsense -- you can really tell he just stay in the booth with no lyrics, maybe a fifth of Hennessy and some green instead. Really jilly jilly.

Want more? This is the first verse with some more notable lyrics.
Practice make perfect, I'm Mr. Perfect,
no practice no pen, no pad, or no marker,
I'm sharper than your apartment,
my money tall as a house, mansion tall as a building,
my money tall as the ceiling, my money tall as the ceiling,
she got me really deally deally jilly jilly,
'cause I'm really icy Gucci Mane la Flare,
I'm feisty, and I know that you don't like me,
Nikes cost me 160, Air Max,
so you know I'm shillin really philly jilly,

'cause my ice is cold and frost and fridget fridget fridget midget in my bracelets,
I got gator lizard gator lizard linen clothes keep me fucking plenty bitches,
plenty bitches rockin' cause I got that money in my denims,
denims be full of money green and I'm smoking,
kushy bubble kushy iran kushy larry kushy stupid kush
Gucci Mane la Flare, this kush cost ten time more that your pocket book,
dummy money dummy brick dummy n*gga,
dummy shit dumb and dummer dumb and dummer dummy bitch you dummy bitch,
drop the top because its sunny, throwin' money on a Sunday,
throwin money to the junkies like its funny,
got that money Chevy done,
I don done it motor running, drop a hundred, drop a hundred,
on a chevy just to have my motor running.

Think I'm lying? Listen for yourself.

Monday, December 21, 2009


This is inappropriate for children -- just letting you know. But hey it's my blog so suck it.... Don't say I didn't warn you though.

... Wow -- what is this feeling? IGAB?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dat Tailfeather..

What separates female animals from other female animals?

I mean, homosapien women have many ways to distinguish from each other -- boobs, ass, face, legs, feet (lol). What do girl animals have? I don't know about you guys, but all animals look the same to me.

You show me two birds, one female and one male, then ask me to tell you which one is which?

Show me a naked women and a naked male... I'd like to trust myself that I would know which one has a wii wii and which one has a toy toy. Then I might say "IGAB" (only looking at the female picture) *pause*

Can anybody tell me? Like what would make a male parrot act out like this...

Like is it that thick tailfeather that gets them goin'? Is it those nice talons? How about a nice beak?

I don't even know.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Notable Lyrics Vol. 1

"... I need a fr-fr-fr-freak,
I mean a tramp, ma,
And my dick? You can lick like a stamp uhhh,
And your back? You can arch like a ramp ma,
Get a helmet - you about to get rammed hard.."
- Cam'Ron - Curve

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Arthur Sets Goals

Let's get a little serious.

Being completely honest with myself, I appreciate what I am. I feel blessed to have what I have. I feel blessed to have whatever talents I have. I feel blessed to have the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and what I have done to fulfill those opportunities to the best of my ability. There's regrets, but that is natural.

But I'm not completely satisfied.

I feel that there's even more potential within me, that there is more to me that what I have at the present. I want to harness and cultivate this.

This being said, I want to set some goals.

- Be 185 pounds by April 2010. Right now I'm at 205. It's weird because I don't really look that pudgy -- I'd like to think I'm just dense with hard steel. I will be documenting this on my newly created blog, 185 and Nerdy
- Cultivate my artistic talent by creating/drawing something once a week.
- Expunge bad/weak habits and replace them by good ones.
- Dunk a basketball. Really.

I think these goals are pretty realistic. I will try my hoardest to accomplish these goals, and maybe possibly exceed them. Screw it, I'm going to do all these goals. BELIE DAT. If I don't, I will let each and every one of my readers personally do this to me...

...females preferred and not a punch, but more of a sensual patting please. ;]


Woke up bleary eyed yesterday at 5:30 AM.

Stood outside for 5+ hours, came about 5 minutes away from losing a couple toes.

But it was worth it...

...beautiful. To watch something that you have worked on for a long time, succeed? That has to be one of the best feelings. I mean, I have only been working on this plane as an intern for two summers and as a full-time employee for a few months -- a minuscule amount of time compared to some -- but I feel deeply involved with this plane.

It's like watching your baby walk. Or some shit like that.

Only one way but up!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Big day tomorrow.

It's work related and I don't know if I can talk about it. It's pretty monumental for me -- I don't even know why though, I've only been with the company for a few months (not counting my three summer internships). I guess it's just seeing all the work pay off.

Thing that sucks though is I have to wake up super early.

I'm ready for takeoff...!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buy Me Something!

I've been a good boy so please buy me something!


- Heavy Bag with stand so I can practice beating people up.
- One of those IPOD Car player things so I can listen to my extensive Lady Gaga and Cam'ron collection while I drive to work.
- A GPS for my car so I hate driving in Seattle less.
- DJ Hero... maybe.
- Oil Pastels so I can make cute pictures of Pokemon
- Books so I can look smart -- maybe books with a art type twist like fashion and look books.

I'm really not sure on any of these gifts -- these are more of nice things for me to have.. but cutting out all that mushy mushy stuff, all I want really is my family and friends.

But hey, buying me stuff doesn't hurt! If you don't...

Really though, I just made this list so I have an idea of what to buy myself if Santa doesn't come hahaha

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arthur's Office: Make some damn coffee

One of the things that annoys me the most at work is when people leave the pots of drip coffee empty. What is this boolshiet? How you gonna kill all the joe and not make some mo'? Shit's annoying.

It's amazing too because the machine's at work make coffee HELLA fast. It's not drip coffee, it's like pee coffee -- it comes out like a steady stream *pause*.

To make things worse, the coffee machine on my floor doesn't exist. So I gotta walk like to the stairs, walk down to the floor below, hook a right out of the door and get to the communal kitchen -- this takes about 5-10 minutes. When I see that they are all empty...

GTFOH with that. I make the coffee and have to wait. This has gotten so bad lately that I migrated over to making green tea...

...but tell me why lately people have been leaving the hot water pot empty too?! The faucet is like 2 millimeters away from the machine and you can't put water in the pot? Really?


Monday, December 7, 2009

Eat Kobe('s) Beef


Saturday night was Diannie and Chantha's engagement dinner at Palisades restaurant in Seattle. I went with Muriel. I have no idea how people find that place, shit's all confusing. But I don't like driving in Seattle period so...

Very nice venue -- I remember I took a prom date there one year in high school. I didn't get any that night. But whatever, I was/is a pretty big nerd and I was prone to making mistakes with the opposite sex. I'm not too shabby now but let's not get into that. ;]

Whilst taking periodic drags of my white zin (am I kewl yet?), my eyes glanced over the menu. One item in particular -- Wagyu steak with some other stuff I don't really care about.

Wagyu steak is pretty much Kobe steak from Japan.

Kobe steak is made from cows who get to drink beer with their food to make them 'happy' -- I just call it getting shitfaced. They also get 'massaged' like everyday -- I just call it sexytime. The theory is that happier cows taste better. Go figure.

I had to order it.

Thing came out with super fancy plating like it was straight off Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto's menu. Meat was firm on the outside, but super soft on the inside. *pause*

As I demolished the whole thing, I couldn't help by think to myself, 'So this is what 65 dollars tastes like...'

But anyway, great dinner you guys and congrats! Thanks for having me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Netbooks are awesome...

... because I can blog while I adhere to the call of nature! *poot*

This shit is tight! No pun intended.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Biz Stay Gettin' Cake

Oh snap!