Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Memory Foam ain't got sh*t on me!

Everybody has there little thing that helps them get to sleep -- whether it be a blankie wankie, a teddy weddy, a prostitute, it's whatever! For me, I have a pillow. This pillow is possibly the grossest pillow you could ever lay your head on. There's Arthur sweat and Arthur drool all over it, which could probably make it worth millions. It so bad that when friends come over and sit on my bed or lay on the pillow I feel uncomfortable inside because I know their nose is getting bombarded with the exquisite smells I emanate during my beauty slumber. It's just too much!

Anyway, I take my pillow home to my parent's house for its annual wash (haha). I'm driving back to Bellingham, like around exit 240, and it hit me. I forgot it.


I hate forgetting things. Must be the worst feeling ever for me, besides losing something. So I forgot my pillow.. "so WHAT?" you're saying? Well this is my ONLY pillow. I don't have any other pillow.

Well here I actually have one, here's a picture of it.

If you saying.. 'But Arthur, there's no pillow on that bed', look closer. There's a hoodie on that bed.

I have been sleeping on a hoodie for the past 3 days.

I mean its great you know, it shapes to the delicate contours of my face and pimples and shit, and I wake up with zipper marks all over my face but its all good! I mean you can't get better than that -- Memory Foam ain't got shit on me! You know what this makes me? I'm a manly man. You know what else? Sexy. You know what else? My balls itch.

Here's a picture of my room without my pillow.

Cot damn I miss my pillow. :(

Friday, February 22, 2008

You wouldn't be ballin' even if your name was Spalding


I have always played basketball -- ever since I was little I've always been shootin, dribblin my balls (no homo), driving my parents karrazzzzzy even to this day. Let me show you how bossy I am ;]

Wipe me daaaaawnnnnnn pulayaaaaaaa.

My younger brother was filmin'.. I got footage of him no homo but thats for another video. Well I just wanted to keep it short, I still got class today and all that. But alright y'all take it ezzzzz and if you didn't like this post...

hahahahha SUP.

Arthur signin' outttt

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm So Skinny!

Not really. I've always been a pudgy kid -- when I was little my grandma would give me 2 Crunch bars, a pack of Starburst, and some ice cream EVERYTIME she saw me.

She saw me everyday.

Lollllllll.. here's a picture of me back then, as you can see I've always been fresh and bout my chedder (halla @ me)

Anyway, this past weekend I went home to my parent's house. You know what that means -- I GET FED! Seriously at my place at school I'm eating PB$J sandwiches and like 2 Ritz crackers, that's it. It's great! But seriously I ate some serious food back home... with my GF too (halla).

Saturday we went to Salty's brunch. This place was insane. It's all you can eat, they got like 219084 different types of fish, oysters, clams, crab, eggs, waffles, crepes, seriously any brunch food you could imagine. Cot damn. Here's my first plate...

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I put down 2 of these bad boys and some desert. Skinny. The following days I ate so many chicken breasts (i love breast can i halla), so many potatoes, so much meat no homo. Ahhhhhhh.... well my excuse is that I'ma starve when I go back to school anyway so it's like I'm a bear in hibernation you feel me (only females plz, just kiddin baby dont get madd haha)!?!

Random thought about food.. How the hell did humans figure out about milk. I mean, did they just go up to a cow and was like "HEY, look at that things ding dongs! I think I'm going to squeeze them and drink whatever comes out! Who's with me!?" I mean, who's idea was that???! hahahah seriously stuff like that gets me going like this

Take it easy y'all ;]

Arthur signin' outtttttt

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Get Poppin' on Valentine's Day

Wsup y'all. It's 2:11 AM and I just got home from working on code for 7 hours straight (halla @ me) but I don't give an is a special day -- it's Valentine's Day cheeeuhhhh

I know some people don't like this holiday because of whatever whatever.. but cheer up because Arthur's on the loveline and I'ma gonna help you out b. This is how you can get it poppin' on Valentine's Day aka sexyyyytimeeeeee aka have her talk in falsetto ooh ooh baby ahhh aaahh eeeee aka Arthur is sexy.

First, you gotta start it off with old school.. bring it back to those elementary school days. Bust this out...

This will get things started for real, show her or him that you ain't playin'. Trust me I got hella hoes from this right here (not really but whatever).

Then you gotta show that you're sensitive, that you're so kew men, that you're the one with that gushy gushy hottie bombo lattie. This will do it...

They won't be able to resist by now... you gotta set the mood with some music. None of that Chris Brown, Bobby Valentino, Jodeci, Barry White stuff. Put this on...

Give her something to show what's on your mind. Give her something from the heart.

Halla @ it.

That's all you gotta do, and you good.

Happy Valentine's everybody... wrap it up b hahah

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smells like Chimmychangas!

Last Saturday I went to the club -- War Room in Seattle with Muriel and her cousin to meet up with some of my old friends. Here's some pika-chars...!

Looks like a good time right? Well yeah for the most part -- but shit that place was crowded like hayyylll as you can see from the first pic. Anyway, we're chillin and Muriel and her cousin Hera goes to get me a drink (lol tanx baby) so I'm sitting down saving their seats with Hera's coat. Soon after, this guy starts slapping my back telling me to get up... I'm 'wtf dawg, wut's goin on??'. Then this smell of rotten Mexican food starts to seep into my nostrils. I stand up and look to my right...

I just got threw up on.




The guy on the right of me just threw up on the seat and me. I'm heated. But he was part of the party (my friend Jordan's cousin's friends birthday, kinda have to concentrate on that one hahah), so I'm not going to act up.

So basically I'm like 'wowwwwwww' -- I'm walking around the club with throw up splattered on my ass (i dont know how) and pantleg smelling like a freaking Number 3 from Taco Bell with Fiesta Potatoes. I end up going to the bathroom and wiping myself down (halla @ me) I shortly find Muri and Hera. I say my good byes and we leave the club.

As we're walkin, Muri's like 'baby you know you're going to have to take off those pants when we drive home -- I don't want to gag.' Again, I'm like wowwwwwwwwww. At this point I don't care -- so we get to the car and I take of my pants (wipe me down, sup).

So there I am, sitting shotgun with my girlfriend and her cousin... in my underroos. It felt like all eyes were on me.


But hey we went and got hotdogs that was great -- man it was one of the best hotdogs I've had, and I don't even like hotdogs.

You can see my sexy leg in the background -- I really didn't have any pants on. But anyway, we drop Hera off with her own special enchilada smelling jacket and we go back to Muri's house, where she proceded to wash my jeans and sweater (thx baby again ;]) and we just fell alseep.

- Hera got my drink spilled on her and down her shirt and was about to smack-a-ho
- Two girls in front of our booth were shoving and about to fight. smack-a-hoes
- People that don't move in the club I wanna just Ric Flair back hand slap them in the throat


Bonus -- This is where I learned all my dance moves. Serious.

Take it ez y'all ;]

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Got the Innernets Goin' Nuts

I just my internet back so halla at me.

What's new? I moved out of my condo into a house right across the skoo -- so I can now get up 10 minutes before class, scratch my balls a little bit, then walk across the street and I'm at school already. Like literally I'm like 3 steps away from campus. It's pretty sweet.

But yeah its great, my rooms big, smells good, its sexytime, its arthur babayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I took a video of it...

But yeah I'ma keep it quick -- but hey quick fact about myself... I have this weird thing where I CAN NOT go boo boo if my environment is new. Like literally I don't feel the urge if the place is new.. I swear I didn't go #2 for like 3 days when I was here... it was really really bad ;[

yeah that was pretty random but hey it's my blog so if you don't like it...

hahahah take it ez y'all ;]