Friday, April 27, 2012

Chipped Tooth

I have mixed feelings right now -- I am reluctant to write this blog but I feel so obligated due to the recent turn of events. Check it out.

If you notice my tank top -- I just bought it. I personally think it is color salmon but my friends say its the color pink and also the color homosexual. I like to wear it, it makes me feel really comfortable. Definitely not homosexual. Be aware though that I have nothing against homosexuals and have some homosexuals as friends and think they are very cool.

Oh yeah and I chipped half my front tooth.

People and friends have asked me how it happened -- I say 'Life happened. Live, laugh, love life.' Also sometimes it's not a good idea to headbutt sidewalks.

It's all fixed now -- my dentist saw me last Tuesday, numbed my face, and went to town on my precious incisor. I don't really know how he rebuilt it but it seemed like he sanded down the tooth to make a platform then just poured on the adhesive. He then probably put a big chunk of fake tooth stuff (true scientific term) and just shaved it down. That part seem sort of obvious because dust was coming out of my mouth. It was like I was a Tooth Dragon, breathing out deadly enamel.

The tooth feels like a bubble inside my mouth and I can't stop touching it with my tongue -- it's so smooth, it's weird and cool at the same time. It's we-ool. That is called a 'portmanteau' which is a combination of two words to make one word. It's like word intercourse. I didn't have to look up the meaning of portmanteau because I was in 'gifted' classes in junior high school and we were forced to learn and use new vocabulary. I am also known as a nerd.

I did appear in public numerous times and smiled as much as I could with my imperfect smile -- it is cool (we-ool) how a messed up smile can easily bring with it other smiles.


  1. You aspired me until this day even when the bad happens you keep pushing hard to be the best.