Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hoopfest 2010

Just recently got back from Spokompton, home of Hoopfest -- the biggest 3 on 3 contest in the world!!

I didn't really orgasm, but it was pretty damn fun. And I'm not exaggerating about it being the biggest 3 on 3 tourny either. 25,000+ players, 200+ courts. They practically close down all of downtown Spokane for this event.

Driving there was wowie... 5 hours one way. That was probly the most I've ever driven in one sitting -- my ass felt pretty tender *pause*.

To quickly summarize, we fought through the loser's bracket (we lost our second game) and made it to the championship. Only thing is, we fell short there -- I think everybody was super exhausted. I know I was. We had to win practically six games back-to-back just to get to the final game, THEN we had to beat the winner's bracket team twice in a row.

Sucks to have a shirt that says 'Finalist' -- practically first loser -- but hey, we did really well for our first time (that's what they said). I was happy with both my play and my teams play.

Some pictures...
Super tired.
Justin. That's good.
Titus. That's good.
Jordan. That's good.
Arthur. Maaan, you already know that's good.
Best player at Hoopfest.
BONUS PICTURE: My ankle that I played 6+ games on because I hurt it early in the tournament.

I played the last six games commando because I forgot to pack underwear and socks -- I'm kewl (and also a dumbass). But damn, when did boxer briefs cost 20 dollars?! And that's for two!! I didn't buy them from Fred Meyer's because wow, thats expensive.

So basically, I was ballin' while my balls were ballin'. Halla.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blackberry Test

This is a test.

Trying to see if I can post to my blog from my blackberry. Halla.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

C'mon son..

Cryin' cuz you met Drake? Can't talk because he is soooo energetic? Your energy levels are too high?

Then the dude talking about how ''s hard in hip-hop. You gotta have something, and Drake gots it." SMH get outta here lol you just didn't know what to say hahaah

But anyway, I wanna say Happy Father's Day to all the father figures out there and also to all the single mom's having double duty.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This Song is Super Piff

Real cold-hearted O.G.'s listen to this type of music. I'm talking about people with no feelings!

But seriously though, this song is super piff to me -- if I was Kanye West, I'd flip this sample ASAP.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Swag on Ultra High

Video best describes me...

...Syke, but man this had me laughing out loud at him being successful at random ass stuff. Basketball, chess, horseshoes, darts, ping-pong -- this man does it all. Swag on 1 million, trillion, googolplex.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jesus Shuttlesworth

Ray Allen just had the game of his life today.

I thought dude was too old... but man, 8-11 from 3-point land? Shooting over 72%? The only person to shoot 8 three's in a NBA Finals game? More than Michael Jordan?

Ray Ray played the game of his life. 32 points, you kidding me? Made it rain on cats like it his threesome scene in He Got Game. Second leading scorer for the Celtics was Solange with 19 points.

I don't really care who wins, but I have bets riding on the Celts. And if Mr. Shuttlesworth keeps this up, I'ma be stylin' on cats. BELIE DAT PLAYBUOY!