Sunday, January 31, 2010

XXX Games

Went snowboarding for the first time in like 8 years.

I hated it back then. Now I really really like it.

I'm not Shaun White or anything, but I can actually go down the mountain only fallin' a couple times. I left for Bellingham right after work. Visited some homies and my good friends Mark and Philip. Spent the night just kickin' it, etc etc.

Saturday morning, Mark, Sharon, and I hit the slopes. We got pulled over on the way to the mountain though -- the 2007 IS 250 is too smooth and Mark drives like Vin Diesel from Fast and the Furious.

We had a quick lesson, then off we went. I'm not very good at strapping up *pause*, but once I get strapped... it's on son -- straight swag surfin, soooooo wavvvvvy. I was hittin' pow, carving glacier, straight icey attack word to Gucci Mane. But forreal, I was feelin' myself since last time I went I was 15 and sucked so bad -- I couldn't even get up, pause. Now I'm like a gold medalist at the XXX games, halla.

I'm pretty sore though, I still fell a good amount times. I have a big butt though, so most falls were padded.

Definitely had a fun weekend. More snow swag surfing to come.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women Problems

Song's old.. but still pretty tight.

Anybody have any info on the 'Natural' shirt that Mibbs is wearing? Shirt's piff.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Funny YouTube Comments Vol. Trey Songz

You can always find funny YouTube comments on popular music videos.

mzmoss914 (4 days ago)
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i wanna to have sex

Really? I wanna to, too.

mzfivestarchiic (4 days ago)
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wen i sing dhiz mi man be lik yhu did invent sex

My head hurts.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I look forward to lunch everyday.

It's not because I got a nice sandwich to slobber over. It's not because I got a slice of cheese to eat. It's not because I got a nice salad to munch on. It's because I have croutons on that salad.

Yes, croutons.

Shit, I don't even know if I'm spelling croutons out right, but cot damn they are good. I ain't about to google and figure that shit out because croutons need attention now!

Croutons are straight piff. What's piff you may wonder? From
Superior to the average. Also a potent strain of weed/canibus of purple color.
"Croutons are straight piff."

Why did I just look up 'piff' and not how to spell croutons? Why did I just compare croutons to narcotics? I don't care -- croutons are great. Just the way it crunches into little bits every bit, then dissipates its packets of flavor onto the palette of the tongue...

I mean, give me a bowl of dirt with a bunch of croutons and I may just eat it. Don't give a @!#!.

Croutons foo!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Portland State of Mind

Spent this weekend in Portland, Oregon.

Why? To catch the Blazers vs. the Magic because we don't have a basketball team here in Washington -- even if Washington has money out the ying yang. I'm going to type something really long talking about the trip. 1 2 3 go

Portland Bound

The drive down was pretty tirin' -- the only thing keeping me awake was the periodic droning of my GPS ("Go.. Straight.") and the fact that my minivan could have spun out at any moment due to the heavy rain. There was a point where a car next to me hit a puddle and Peter North splashed my windshield *pause*, completely covering everything to the point where I couldn't see.

Muriel screamed and woke everybody up. Hahaha

I was coo because I think driving in inclement weather is like playing a video game. I mean, its not the safest way to think of things.. but whatever, I'm kewl. Plus I drive a minivan.

Welcome to Oregon

We arrive at the hotel after driving 500,001 times around the block trying to find the entrance to the freaking parking garage because I think city driving blows balls. Everybody gets situated and we decide to pull out our tourist card and take advantage of no sales tax.

We get to the Lloyd Center shopping place.

This mall sucks.

We get settled in the food court and before scarfing down medleys of orange chicken, tacos, burritos, hotdogs and french fries... we hear somebody screaming. RAAaaaaaAA! Helloooooooooooppppppp! Graaaaaaa! Don't! AHHHHHHH! WHOOOORaaaAAA!

We look over and some dude just got tased.

Soon after, we got approached by a Tyrone Biggums looking dude shoving a bootleg Polo Sport cologne bottle in our faces and asking us if we want to "smell like a men's colonge". He wouldn't even finish his sentence before he busted up laughing.

This mall's tight.

Game Time

The place we stayed at had free Happy Hour from 5:30 to 7:30. Free drinks and free food. Free! Being slow, we got there at 7:00.

Even though we arrived late, it's coo -- I caught up by pounding 8 rum and cokes in 15 minutes. I'm kewl. And drunk. We soon took a cab for the game.

The game was freakin' tight. Blazers super smacked the Magic, WITHOUT Brandon Roy. This further proved to me that Dwight Howard's weak, is only good in 2K10, and just has big shoulders. How you gon lose to Martell Webster and Steve Blake? Really? Plus the Blazers scored over 100 points -- I get a free chalupa Dwight! What do you get? You get a loss!

On the taxi ride home, I noticed the taxi driver had the radio on..
Me: Wsup man! I see you got your radio on -- did you listen to the game?
Him: *in a matter-of-fact type way* Oh yeah man, hell yeah.
Me: *skeptical* Alright then, who won? (I start grinning at this point)
Him: *all awkward* ...uuheerrrr..rr

Hahah he made the weirdest noise when I caught him! It was like one of those Southwest Airlines commercials -- "Wanna get away?". But dude was cool tho. I asked him where the good bars are at.. but instead he told me that Portland is the nation's leader in "titty bars". I am not joking. I pointed to this place that looked like a bar, "Is that a titty bar?" He replies, "Nah, but behind it there's one."

Portland's tight.


We just drank hella at the hotel, blah blah blah, went to a hip hop club, blah blah blah. But tell me why one of the huge ass mirrors overlooking one of the booths came crashing down and shattered on top of everybody? Hella people were like touching themselves *pause* and looking to see if they were bleeding. Where does this happen at? Really?

Portland's tight.


Portland's a really nice city. It doesn't look as beautiful as Seattle, but it's really kept clean. Walking the streets, I didn't smell piss one time! Even in the alleys! Shopping downtown is really nice -- we went to a spot named Pioneer something that completely shitted on Lloyd Center, even if it didn't have people getting tased and crackheads.

We went to this place called Voodoo Donuts. It's a place that was featured on the Food Channel, Travel Channel, whatever. It's known for its quirky donuts. I mean, looking on the menu.. there's donuts called 'Cock-and-Balls' and 'Tex-Ass'. C'mon now. They also had some Maple Bars with Bacon on them -- they were hella good. It tasted like eating bacon with maple syrup on a pancake... except on a... donut.

The drive back was cool because I puss'd out and had Muriel drive. Lol. Shoutouts to everybody that went (we had like 20+ people go). I had a good time! And shoutout to you for reading this, and if you didn't, you can shoutout to my balls, chea!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Miss Keri... Babay!

My favorite R&B singer. Not really but whatever.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Put the guitar down, Dwayne.

I like the song, but every time I see Lil' Wayne clutch a guitar, I cringe inside. How is dude just gonna bar all six strings and strum and think he's playing a chord? Contributing to production? Nah, it's a sample, dawg.

Download here.


While I lay here in my bed trying to recover from a neck injury I sustained, I will regale you all with Arthur knowledge.

The meaning of *pause*.

You may have seen me type this out in my blogs, and if you met and talked with me in-person, you definitely know I do this.

So what does this mean? It means I said something that could be perceived as homosexual, when I do not intend it to be. Example given, "I like to squeeze my Twinkees until all the white stuff comes out, pause". Essentially it is a substitution for what I used to say -- "No Homo".

This was invented by my favorite rapper, Cam'ron, then popularized by the likes of Kanye West ("To everybody on your dick, no homo" on Run This City), Lil Wayne (appropriately at the beginning of Lollipop), and myself (everything).

The reason for my substitution? To be more polite and politically correct -- it is now 2010, people have become more understanding of homosexuality and LGBTA as a whole.

Me included.

When I said 'no homo' in the middle of class fairly loud and realized I had a gay classmate, I felt like an asshole -- pretty embarrassed and cried myself to sleep. But no, seriously I felt pretty bad. Hence, *pause* was born.

*pause* in action...

Very appropriate use, but interrupting Spike Lee? Really? That's what's up -- gotta let 'em know. How is Spike Lee going to call Dan Dickau just 'Dick'? It's not even his nickname, it's part of his last name. C'mon son.

Monday, January 4, 2010

He's feelin' himself...

How your shirt gonna have a checkered pattern, black and skin though? How is one of your dance moves The People's Elbow on grass, followed by a bootleg Harlem Heat spinneroni? Luigi in the back with the broken knee cap still has his swag on high. New Boyz don't got shit on these guys -- these guys invented the jerk.

I can't front though, they'd murk me in a dance battle.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Latest Drawing

It's called: "SHUT UP... but look at my tatties tho.."

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Review

The Past

2009 is dunzo.

Last year was definitely a turning point for me. The more significant events being me graduating from college with an Electrical Engineering degree and me being offered an opportunity to work with the world leader in aviation -- an opportunity that I have taken and am eternally grateful for.

These events cemented 2009 as a turning point because I have embarked on that journey into the real world -- the unknown.

The Future

2010 is now.

This marks the beginning of the first year outta school. I'm going to let the ambition in me take over. If there's one thing that I know about myself, I know that I want to be the best in everything I do. Even minor things -- you show me how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano, you best believe next time you see me... I'll know how to play that perfectly.

And I don't even play piano.

With this, I want to live my life to the best of my ability. I will be there for my family. I will be your friend. I will fulfill any goals I set. I will be successful.

But most importantly, I will be myself -- Arthur.

Happy New Year!