Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maui Revisited: Luau

In the process of gleaming through all my files on my computer to see which are worthy to have habitat on my hard drive, I found this video.

It's a video from the Luau I went to during my Maui trip! Hooray!

I did some quick editing on this bizznitch and called it a day, night, whatever. It's 1:50 in the moa' nin'. I should catch on my handsome sleep (no homo). I need all I can get. ;]

Anyways... here's the video.

Take it ez y'all!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

School's In!

First day of school was today.. well yesterday. Here's what my rigorous schedule was like:

ETEC 405 Communication Circuits 9AM - 10AM

That's it.

Am I kewl yet?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer's Dunzo

Summer's dunzo. Kaput. Kablam. Kablooie.

It really has gone by quick. I've kept myself pretty busy throughout, albeit a majority of time can be contributed to working full-time as a 3rd year summer intern. At the end of my tenure, I got a sweet picture of the new airplane signed by my group, framed and everything! I'm definitely very appreciative of the opportunity that has been given to me and I hope I can continue working there after I'm dunzo with schoolio.

But... all work and no play makes Arthur not a bo$$, and we can't have that am I right?!

Hawaii was amazing -- completely different world over there. It's like time moves a bit slower over there. Going out to different events like the Bite of Seattle and that Beerfest (I was dunzo that day) is always fun. Working full-time definitely makes you exercise your ability to manage your fun fun time (aka the weekend) so I made sure to make the most of it!

The summer though was all capped off by the lovely lovely Alicia Keys. Cot damn she is nice! My crotch got a bad case of rigor mortis for the two hours she preformed... I'm playin hahaha. But seriously, I was awestruck. Seeing somebody that's been plastered over all types of media, internet, tv, and then they are RIGHT there in front of your eyes. I was captivated. I was literally like this...

I had a great time with you Summer, but now its time to give Autumn a visit. I'm sorry! Take it ez ya'll!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Guess who I get to see tomorrow?

We're like 3rd row from the front. No one, no one, no oneeeeEEEEEEeeee ohhhhhhh...!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let me go just right there!

I was on the second-to-last day of my internship when I had to take a deucer. Being that I was doing something important at the time (give me the benefit of the doubt, I really was!), I held it in until I was done (no homo).

During this time of discomfort and displaying multiple episodes of intense office chair squirming, I was reminded of the time I peed my pants.

I was 20 years old.

I was in the car with my pops coming back home for the weekend from college. I was a freshman at the time with no car, so my dad would just come pick me up and help haul all my stuff back to homebase.

Have you ever just been rushed and got in the car, with the little tingle in your dingle (or pingle? I'm kewl)... but just played it off, hoping that your body could stave off the bladder attacks? This was one of those times. I've done it multiple times -- successfully holding it in for the 1.5 hour jaunt back home.

I guess the tingle in my dingle was a little stubborn this time.

Everything was going well. We're about two exits away from my house when the pee pee knocks on the door. I start busting out with my usual routines -- the shoe tap tap tappie, the squirmy wormy, thoughts about ice cream and bubble gum. Soon enough, I beat back the urine and told it who's bo$$. Whew.

We exit out and the feeling comes back -- I can't stop this feeling. I'm entering Code Red right now and nothing's working. Everything that could go bad was happening -- we were hitting all the red lights in heavy traffic.

"Papa, I gotta go pee!"
"Hold it."
"Just let me pee right there on the side of the road"

My mind was racing. I NEED to go right now!

"Let me go right there!"
"No, we are almost home."

On that last "AHHHHH", the dam sprung a leak. My hands were pressed against the window and the other seat. Looking down, I start seeing a wet spot seeping through my shorts. Growing bigger... bigger... bigger.

I've peed my pants as a grown man.

My dad finally pulls into the 7-11 and I pee the rest out, knowing damn well that it doesn't matter -- the damage as been done. Passerbys were looking, pointing, smiling.

The car drive home was silent and awkward as ever. I didn't even want to be seen.

I swear my pops still remembers that -- every time I bring it up, a little smirk creeps onto his face.

But oh well, you gotta just laugh it off. I'm still a bo$$...... right? ;]

Monday, September 8, 2008

Maui Wowie: Part 2

Just because we pinky swear'd last post, I decided to plop down into my 'puter seat and decided to upload some pictures from my recent vacay to Maui. Pictures comin'...fire in the hole! Some pictures may be inappropriate, but I know you're going to look anyway so whatever.

TOUCHDOWN, ARTHUR! By the way, thats a Boeing airplane halla@me

I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First taste of Guri-Guri, which is just like pure sherbet and comes in two flavors: Strawburry and Pineapple. 2 scoops for like 1.10, more like 21390 for Arthur. Pineapple please!

Only at Hawaiian McDonald's, Haupia pie. It's like coconut paste or whatever. I don't even goto McDonald's but I had like 3 of these... If being bad feels this good, I don't ever wanna feel good!

AKA don't play your music loud dumbass.

I had to do it.

"I eat so many shrimp, I got iodine poisonin'" Name that song!

Awkward sculpture at the resort we stayed at.

He about to put in work tho! (no homo)

Another sculpture. I couldn't help myself.

View from the resort.

Big ass koi cot damn. I used to have a pet fish. I cried when it died. I was 21. (syke i was like 10... but still!)

View from the resort part deux.

Made a new friend!

Iao Valley/Needle

Iao Valley

I think its like a mystical Korean horse. I just think it looks like a bear. I like bears.

This choco bar actually has maui chips in it. Maui chips. Help me.

Proof fo yo azz.

Friends 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gf's family

Showing my whitey tighties... oh wait thats my hairy butt lol am i kewl yet!!!!?? I played outside a lot! (no homo x 12093810)

Well, those are the more notable pictures. If you're wondering why there's mostly pictures of me... it's because I respect other people's privacy and business.. except for the last one where its just friends.

I hope you enjoy my random ass (lol get it?) pictures. Take it ez ya'll!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I know it's not Maui pictures but.....

I like how he tries to play it cool and collected right after when you know damn well everybody looked with that big ass noise he made.. hahahaha

Maui pictures soon -- pinky swear!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Maui Wowie: Part 1

I just got back from Maui -- very fun, very hot (kinda), very chill. I got a lot of pics and vids so I'm breaking it down: I mashed up all my footage (not that much) into a video that I spent some of today editing and I'll upload notable pictures soon, possibly tomorrow.

Videos pretty random, but I don't give a d-d-d-d-damn word to Fabolous. I got video of big ass koi in the ponds around the resort we stayed at and other video from just being out and about... and being Arthur. LoL

Take it ez y'all!!