Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bulging leg muscles > My new 501 Levi's

I ripped my new 501 STF Levi's.

I just bought them like 2-3 weeks ago and have been wearing them everyday every time I go out, to school, with friends, whatever. There are (were) my favorites! I didn't even wash them -- I would just stuff dryer sheets in the pockets to keep them smelling good. Not that my body smells or anything. I'm kewl.

It happened this morning as I was leaving the house to go to class. Every time I leave the house, I always touch my cross hanging on my wall, kneel down, and do the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

This time, when I went to kneel... I heard a "RRRrrrrpt!"

I look down and there is a huge ass rip near my crotch. It wasn't because of my monstrous manhood (no homo, am I kewl yet). It was a combination of the stress on the jeans and the manliness of my legs -- I have huge tree-trunk like legs. Ask anybody.

Too much Arthur.

Closer look.

What you got goin' on in there...? No homo.


So now that my jeans have decided to grow a vagina-like rip, I don't know if I can go back to Kohl's and get another pair. I may just have to though -- I really liked those jeans.

Oh well. RIP to my new jeans.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Make em say...

What Arthur did today:

- Do 4 hours of MATH 341 HW
- Eat 4 pounds of hotwings with roommates

I'm absolutely filled to the brim with crusted chicken -- two pounds of Spicy Honey Dijon, one pound of Sweet and Sour, one pound of Suicide Hot. Can't believe it, word to T-Pain and Lil' Wayne. Make the people say...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Arthur, the Master of Ceremonies

This Saturday I was the MC for the Filipino Heritage dinner up at school along with my co-host Alex Higa.

Swagger was at a hundred, thousand, trillion.

Public speaking is always tough at first -- you can never shake the initial butterflies. To be completely honest, it was pre-show and I was pittin' out like a mothafker.

Not enough of that Old Spice. I shoulda doubled up.

Once the ball gets rolling though, I get into this mode that I'd like to call Arthur Mode. I don't try to be anybody else, I don't try to speak out, it's just me. Arthur. I got comments on that after the event, how my talking/humor is just natural.

I'm just tryin' to have fun tho. ;]

Some pictures:

The MC's of the night

Am I kewl yet?

Hi girlfriend!

Time to do some statistics -- pfft.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My pudge pudge comes in handy sometimes...

I have been a part of a local boxing gym for a while now. It's not like an aerobic boxing class you take at the YMCA or something, you get your ass beat... like in the middle up the crack... with a spiked bat (no homo). Like people from the gym actually fight amateur and win -- the 2007 National Women's Golden Glove champion goes to the gym. She's insanely good lol.

But anyway, I went in yesterday -- everything was normal AKA my shirt was soaked with Arthur mojo. Usually when the sessions wind down, we go through a circuit of ab excercises. Not today, oh no not today...

So our boxing coach grabs a stick and tells everybody to lay down in a line, face up. I'm like "ruh roh..." -- I've never been asked to do this.

So we are all laying down and our coach, stick in hand, starts walking on us! He would just walk on top of us on our abs/midsection. My reaction...

I couldn't do anything about it now, so I tightened my abs (its the feeling you get when you're trying to take a dookie)and braced to get pranced on.

It wasn't that bad.

But he did it like 20 times over.

I guess my pudge pudge comes in handy sometimes... I definitely did dookie when I got home -- stepping on my intestine's is sure to push that food out of you.

Take it ez ya'll!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Been hit with a few shells but don't walk with a limp...

I rolled my ankle last Friday.

It's Wednesday now. I haven't had proper time to sit down and really take care of it -- as a result, it got swollen! I had lab work, studying, and that America's Best Dance Crew tour to attend (pics and vids coming soon). I was busy!

I decided to take a look at it today. My reaction...

Cot damn! I look down and see this...

Don't give me crap about the mix matched socks -- that's true game right there. I'm playin', I actually had double socks on and the inner sock was white.

Shit's crazy! I've never had it turn purple before, and I've rolled this ankle plenty of times. Oh well -- it gives me an excuse to walk with that gangster lean. People be looking at me on campus like "Oh shit, he's a true gangster... he that sswagger ... sexy, mmmm". Well, not just like that.. maybe? All I know is I'm gimpy and goin' to school hahah.

Take it ez ya'll!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dance Out of Your Pants

I'm going America's Best Dance Crew tour tonight with my girlfriend and friends. Apparently they wanted me to perform over there for some reason... perhaps they saw my Maui Chip video?

I'm playin'.

Anyway, we got Row 2 on the Floor AKA I can slap the asses of A.S.S.I.D. and my girlfriend can touch all the Jabberwockees that she wants (bratty). It's pretty close. But yeah we'll see these guys...

My girlfriend thinks I look like one of those dudes... Phil? Well I google'd dude (no homo) and made a little comparison picture:

I don't know... maybe if you add some facial hair and took off some of my huge neck and face muscles (lol).

But alright, I gotta get ready (AKA play Halo). Hopefully I can squeeze my camera in there and take some pictures -- put it in my crotch area or something... no homo again. But anyway, I'll catch you guys later! Take it ez!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Most Productive Weekend EVER!

Not really.

Like a good little boy, I finished all my homework early. That means Arthur can play! I remember when I was little, my parents wouldn't let me near my NES and Super Nintendo until Friday... AND if I finished all my homework. That sucked. I guess it was good for me because I turned out kinda smart. Kinda.

Since all my homework was done, you know what that meant...

Literally, me and my roommates played all day. I rolled my ankle playing basketball on Friday so I was all for it. I put in some serious work on that XBOX -- from NBA 2k9 to Halo 3 to Call of Duty 4. The nerd in me was in full blossom.

We also had to eat SOMETHING, so why not go all out and get the biggest freaking pizza ever? We called the local pizza place here and ordered "The Colossus". If you don't know what that means, here:
1. someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful [syn: giant]
2. a person of exceptional importance and reputation

AKA a perfect fit for Arthur -- a abnormally large pizza for a person of exceptional importance and reputation (am I kewl yet guys?). You know damn well the pudgy kid in me was giddy as hell! Here's some pictures:

It took up the table space for 4 people -- this is one of those tables my tita's and tito's would play Mah-Jong on.

The pizza itself compared with a water bottle. Those white things are those stabilizers that keep the slices from moving -- most pizzas have 1, this thing has 10. TEN. COLOSSUS.

Compared to a Costco pizza, which is pretty effing big itself. Too bad it ain't got shit on the COLOSSUS.

In one day, we ordered. We came. We conquered. And, in my case, broke the toilet. Halla @ me! I'm pretty gamed out though, which is good because tomorrow is Monday AKA back 2 duh skoo.

Well, I gotta go -- somebody's calling me.. I must resist!

Take it ez ya'll!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

14 Year Old Kim Kardashian

You gotta be joking me -- that is a grown ass woman right there. My initial reaction was this...

I mean, 14 years old? Really? Back when I was 14 I was still eating microwave Bagel Bites and playing Game Boy Color. Girls back then were playing with Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty.

 Kim Kardashian was instead playing with C cup breasts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Four TV crushes that I had growing up...

Growing up, I watched a lot of TV. A LOT. Whether it was TGIF with Step-By-Step, Family Matters, Boy Meets World etc. or Nickelodeon with My Brother and Me, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Didn't matter, I watched it. I was going through adolescence at the time, so naturally I was a little... let's say, "enthusiastic"... when certain girls were on TV.

Okay, I was a horny little kid back then. Who wasn't?! Pfft.

Anyway, I had four distinct crushes growing up -- every time they graced the TV screen my heart would flutter...

Or I would get a stiffy. One of the two.

1. Salt-N-Pepa

Every every EVERY time I saw this video, I got a tingle in my loins. I swear. I couldn't put my finger on it (no pun intended, lol). They were just so suggestive, so suave, so explicit! I remember I would go over to my friend's house in the 1st grade and pretend we were making out with them (no homo). I also vividly remember my friend saying he would rip Pepa's shirt off and just relive his breast feeding days. I promise it was my friend. Promise. We were growing up alright!

2. Alex Mack

This show was the shit. It had great storyline, great plot, great cinematography. Syke. All it had was Alex Mack. It also had a young actress named Jessica Alba, but she's hella weak (lol). To tell you the truth though, I don't remember any episode except the first one -- you know, the one where she JUST got her powers and didn't know how to transform into that puddle without losing all her clothes? Yeah, that one.

3. Aunt Becky

Yes, this is Aunt Becky from Full House. The same Aunt Becky that got with Uncle Jesse and had those twins. Everybody was heads over heels over the Olsen twins. I ain't give a eff bout them -- I cared for Aunt Becky. I don't care if she's older, she definitely "fluttered" my 7 year old "heart" *cough*. I don't even know what kinda haircut she got in this picture, on that 'Something About Mary' status, but I sure as hell didn't care. She was definitely the best female on the show, with Kimi Gibbler coming in a close 2nd place (not really). She's all grown now and still looking good so halla at a playa, I'm a grown man ma.

4. Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper

Winnie Cooper. You know from the jump that she was the girl that would be with you to the end -- she was the girl down the street that would play outside with you all day, playing tag, football, spin the bottle (lol). Growing up I had no real kids on my street unless you counted some older girls that lived next to me. I didn't really hang out with them though. I had better things to do anyway, like play Super Mario Bros. 2.

But I digress, Winnie Cooper filled that gap. She definitely captivated the 7 year old Arthur. I was so pissed when Kevin messed that up. Cot damn.

So those were my TV crushes from when I was growing up. Writing this struck me with a strong sense of nostalgia. Ahhhhh...

On another note, I'd like to with my girlfriend a happy birthday..

<3 <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 <3

Take it ez ya'll!