Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of the Best Songs Ever

Bet you didn't know Arthur likes this kinda music too. I mean, baby making music, elevator music, shoot-your-block-up-then-engage-in-coital-acts-with-your-mother music has there place... but this stuff I'll always listen to.

I played guitar for about 5-6 years. I haven't had the time to whip it out lately *pause*... but man, this brings it back.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Best of Puff Daddy

Saw this show on MTV last night after America's Best Dance Crew -- Puff Daddy's Starmaker.

C'mon dawg.

When was the last time Puffy has created a hit group, that has lasted more than 2 years? Where's Mase at? Where's Loon at? Where's Dream at? Where's 112 at? Where's Faith Evans at? Where's Mario Winans at? Where's Danity Kane at?

I mean, I respect Puffy's business acumen, but damn, that's a lot of people. I'm sure I'm missing a lot more.

Let's look to the positive side. Let's remember the best things that Puff Daddy did -- Jodeci and Notorious BIG. There was an era where Puff had it straight up locked down. I bet so many babies got made to 'Come and Talk to Me', especially the remix. Man I remember back in the 6th grade and every kid was singing 'Mo Money, Mo Problems'. I swear, if you didn't know the lyrics, you got NO play.

I didn't know the lyrics. Oh well.

But let's look back, to a classic...

Instead of doing stuff like this, Puff's trying to do this TV thing -- not a good look. Puffy actually had some lyricism back then...
"We spend cheese, in the West Indies,
then come home, to plenty cream Bentleys,
you name it, I could claim it,
Young, black, and famous, with money hangin' out the anus"
If you disagree with me and think otherwise, and that you actually enjoy his shows...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Worst Bet Ever.

Watched the Mayweather/Marquez fight at my dude Dex's house. Thanks for having me, doggie.

It was a great fight. At least what I remembered of it. Reason why I couldn't remember? Who else but my great friend tequila!

I had my heart set on Marquez winning. So much that I bet my soberness on it -- every round that Marquez lost, I drank a shot. Every time Marquez got knocked down, I drank a shot.

The results? Marquez lost every round. Marquez also got knocked down in the 2nd round.


Think about it, a round is 3 minutes. So effectively I drank 13 shots in 36 minutes. Goodbye sober Arthur, hello drunk Arthur! As Marquez was getting his ass beat, Arthur was also getting his ass beat -- Marquez was taking jabs and left hooks in the face, Arthur was taking tequila shots to the face.

The tequila was appropriately called 'Two Fingers', two fingers that got PIMB *pause*. Ended up getting real sick -- I ruined my hoody too.

Worst bet ever.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

People crack me up..

I've always been fascinated by interpersonal communication. Just the way people interact with each other and react in certain situations -- I find it interesting.

You may be thinking,
'Arthur you're just using that as an excuse to check out girls!'
No way. Why you think of such a thing? I would never do that.


But seriously, it piques my interest. And it cracks me up sometimes too...

An example -- have you ever payed close attention to how quick a person's smile fades after any type of interaction? It could be anything, a joke, a fleeting greeting, somebody farted... anything.

It seems like they are genuinely smiling, then they walk away and boom -- instant stone face.

I've noticed this everywhere, especially at work when people say 'Hi' to each other like on the way to the printer or something (close to wear I sit). Like this...

So into it, so geniune... then . It's like dude transformed into Morpheus...

I'ma go run in the rain now... take it easy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West Wins

I'm sure most of you have saw what Mr. West did on the MTV VMA's the other day.

Yeah, yeah...Kanye West is an asshole, prick, etc.

Fact of the matter is, he's still winning. Why?

Gripping a fifth of Hennessy in one hand, and Amber Rose's sweetcakes in the other. That's a W.

Kanye West can be a d-bag sometimes -- well, most of the time. But you have to admit, he has worked hard to get to where he is at right now. He's still one of my favorite artists as I feel that he has ushered in an era of quality music in this day and age.

Kanye West put it best...
'Only thing I wanna know is what I get looked over,
I guess I'll understand when I get more older,
Big Brother saw me at the bottom of the totem,
Now I'm on top and everybody on the scrotum.'

-Kanye West, Big Brother

He stays teetering the line between musical genius and down right asshole, but you gotta hand it to him -- Mr. West is here to stay.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tonight's Going to be a Good Night!

No. It's not.

This song is hot basura with spoiled mayo on top.

I mean, how long did it take to write this song? Two minutes? I hum better songs while I'm relieving myself at work. I can picture it now... 'Hey guys, let's write a song.', Taboo, Fergie, in unison: 'Okay.' 'Alright. 1, 2.. 1, 2, 3 ...!', Taboo, Fergie, in unison: 'Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good night!' 'WOW! That's what's up! We gotta switch it up a little bit though...', Taboo, Fergie, in unison: 'Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good night! Tonight's going to be a good GOOD night!' 'YES!'

Only builds upon my fear that music will never be the same. I hate to play the elitist, but it's true.

Maybe it's because the Black Eyed Peas USED to be good, then they succumbed to commercialization in search of paying dividends.

Compare that to 'I Gotta Feeling'. You joking me?

I gotta feeling, that I'm going to go doo doo.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You're kidding me.... right?

Astounding article that I just read...

If you were trapped or lost in a storm drain, but still had cell phone reception, how would you reach out for help? Perhaps call 911, or its equivalent? We're sure you wouldn't rely on updating your Facebook status.

But that's exactly what a pair of girls in Adelaide, Australia did when they wandered into just such a drain Sunday. The 10- and 12-year-old girls used their cell phones to update their statuses on the social networking site in order to let friends know they were lost under the streets of their suburban neighborhood. The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) rescued the girls, but only after their friends had called 000, the Australian equivalent of 911.

The MFS was concerned about the girls' communicating via Facebook rather than calling emergency responders directly, but it is quite possible the girls felt as if they were in no immediate danger. Glenn Benham, one of the involved firefighters, told the Daily Mail, "We could have come to their rescue much faster than relying on someone else being online, then replying to them, then calling us. It is a worrying development." He continued, "Young people should realize it's better to contact us directly. Luckily they are safe and well. It's awful to think what could have happened because of the delay."

On first thought, for someone in a potentially perilous situation, local authorities seem like the first group to call. But, as no cell phone's battery life is as long as we'd like, a Facebook update or tweet would would better conserve your phone's precious energy. As one Atlanta, Georgia city councilman showed, sometimes the Internet is faster than a phone. Similarly, Web-based updates are quick and quiet, perfect for a potentially violent situation like a home invasion. Expect to see more 911-esque alert messages popping up on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks in the future. [From: ABCNews and Daily Mail via Mashable]


'I'm stuck in a dark sewer filled with poo water. What should I do? I know! I'll Tweet!'

Please let this be a joke.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is common at work...

No joke.

Do not go into the men's bathroom after lunch. It is straight down to business in there. Dudes enter, make a bee-line straight to the available stall, close the door, drop trow, and drop bombs -- no joke.

Refer to my previous post about the Art of Taking a Deuce at Work.

I'll admit it, I've hunkered down in the trenches and engaged in my own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare... and I've come out alive and is now a decorated veteran -- I'm Prestige level 10, ya'll just privates *pause*.

You've been educated! Take it easy ya'll!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Many of my female friends have done yoga.

I have always wondered about what makes yoga so great -- it's just stretching. Maybe I'm biased because I'm not very limber, maybe I'm biased because I'd probably fart mid stretch, who knows. Whatever.

But now I know the reason why girls like to do yoga...

This HAS to be the reason. I know it.

This also confirms that I will not be doing yoga anytime soon. Maybe as an instructor...?

Syke, I'm playin'. Maybe.