Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sickest video I've seen in awhile...

As a avid Bruce Lee fan, this video was crazyyy for me. Technology these days has gotten insane!

You might be asking: "Arthur where was your Thanksgiving post? Aren't you thankful for me?"

My answer is... Thanksgiving was great -- I got to see family and I got to gain 1012312 pounds.

I didn't take many pictures of the food. Believe me though when I say there was bountiful bounty -- I'm Filipino and I've been pretty pudgy all my life aka my family knows how to get down. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me... I didn't even eat any turky though (I'm not a fan). We even had honey cashew prawns. Walnut, whatever. It had nuts in it.

Yes, honey cashew prawns, shit isn't even related to the holiday but damn we got it.

Back to school though, where food is scarce and work is plentiful. Yay!

And no I'm not thankful for my readers, this MY shit! I run this! I'm King Kong and y'all are some peasant orangutans! Suck it!

...I'm playin. You know I'm thankful for ya'll. ;]

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

EDIT: Thanks baby for pointing out how boater I am, thank you thank you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Shorty

After a long day of school, through all the brain wrenching and mind contorting... this brought a smile to my face.

Animals do amazing things -- I could quit being an electrical engineer and just study animals and I'd be fine with it. Did you know the reason why this lizard is moving like that is so that it emulates the movement of a leaf? This is so that would-be predators won't nom nom on him! This little guy almost dances as good as me... ;]

Also, it's his birthday... I'm about to sip on some Bacardi like it's his birthday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tuscani Pasta's legit

After a rough night of drinking, the roommates and I decided to get somethin' a little on the greasy side. We ended up deciding on demystifying the mystery that is Pizza Hut pasta.

I mean, Pizza Hut pasta? Really? I know you've seen that commercial on TV where they are in some nice ass Italian restaurant in New York and these people are all ranting and raving about it.. then boom its fkn Pizza Hut!

So we got a 2 pound plate of it with 5 breadsticks...

We got the chicken parm, the pasta of bo$$e$. We were all pleasantly surprised! We killed it all in one sitting, halla @ us, swagger @ 100, 1000, 1000000000, etc.

So in the end, Tuscani Pasta from Pizza Hut is pretty legit.

What's also legit is the case of the runs I got from it soon after but don't worry about that!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Why can't I ever be fully, 100% healthy? Please tell me why.

I always, always, ALWAYS have something wrong with me. I haven't been 100% healed since I can't even remember -- once one thing starts getting better, I experience another travesty. It's like I have to sit and do nothing to just get fully revitalized.

Like I'll have a pimple in my nose so I can't wiggle or pick my nose, then when that gets better I'll eat some spicy food and have the runs for a while, then when that gets better I'll get a boil on my bulging bicep, then when that gets better I'll poop my pants.

Not really that first one. But you get the idea.

Remember my ankle? Well that just started getting better... but now I messed up my thumb playing basketball -- it was 2 on 1 and I stole the pass but my thumbnail got effed.

How am I going to dominate on Halo? How am I going to play video games? How am I going to live life?

Oh yeah, sorry about the picture. It was kinda unexpected. But hey I gotta go now -- somebody is calling me...

...I'm playin. But yeah, ya'll have a good night.. I'm going to not play video games due to my new injury.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Arthur's Laboratory

I've been busy. Busy with school, busy with homework, busy with engineering, busy being sexy. It's a rough life.

But I'm been mostly been busy with laboratory, where we build and test all things electatrickanomic and enginurring like.

Don't even ask me about it. Lol. Despite the huge amount of engineering that I do, I really try to steer this blog away from that. I mean.. who wants to learn about sexy nerd stuff amirite?? ;]

I gotta clean my room and go back on campus to work on some lab reports. My mommy would be proud.

I just hope after today I'll be able to just let my hair down and...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008

Obama won!

I'm not a very political person though. Call me ignorant, dumb, sexy, whatever... but I don't know I just never got into it.

I do know though that Obama hustled real hard and is now BALLINNNN'!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tots my bady


Quotables (mostly no homo):

[1:03] "Ram it in my thighs"
ORIGINAL: "Let me wrap my thighs"

[1:09] "I know you love my c*ck"
ORIGINAL: "I know you love my curves"

Dong-won Kim for the win. Yes, he's a bit feminine. Yes, his other videos he's in drag. Yes, I watched all of it. No homo.

I applaud him for putting himself out there and trying. But really, all you gotta do is..

Tots my bady.