Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 pumps...

I was looking through my YouTube favorites... and found this video that I favorited a while back.

And for good reason. Check this out -- her name is Andressa Soares.

How you gonna be half woman, half horse? How you gonna do that booty dance after a set of squats at the gym? I like how it panned around and you see all those kids. How you gonna dance in front of those kids? Shoot, you know they just gonna run home and massage their little smokie *pause* I like how the dad's ain't care too -- they're like "Don't look, son" but not even doing shit.

The song too -- broooooooow, brooooooow, brow, brow, brow brow. Better than Black Eyed Peas that's for sure.

Just give me two pumps... brooow broooow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Activia Does It.

Activia just doesn't work for women. It definitely works for men, too.

I just tested it today at work.

Some background: Activia is yogurt that helps women shit. Straight up.

Notice that arrow that's in the logo? That's supposed to mean you go doo doo after you eat this. The bifudis regularis in it makes your bowel move at super speeds. Well, something like that.

Excerpt from a website:
Fact: 87% of Americans have digestive issues such as occasional irregularity.**

What You Can Do
There are a number of ways to help your digestive system and help improve intestinal transit. Among these are:

• Drinking plenty of water and getting adequate exercise
Eating probiotic foods like ACTIVIA®
• Eating a balanced diet

Two weeks of eating ACTIVIA® every day, blah blah blah poo poo poo poo.. you get the idea.

Naturally, I'm questionable.

Today, I took a deuce at work around 9:30AM -- nice and early. Then I'm like... man I want to eat my yogurt. Turns out Activia is all my mom buys -- she's into the healthy stuff. 10AM, Activia is in Arthur's tummy. 10:10AM, Arthur is on the toilet. Again.

Wow. Activia does it.

You think that's amazing? Before my work basketball game, I took another one! This is around 4:40. Three times today. Yes, I am the boss of bowels! I felt like a million bucks, walked outta the restroom like this...

Take that, take that, take that... uh uh uh uh.

Activia is no joke. Time for another one.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wolfpack -- WE ON!


Wolf shirts and sweaters, makes the girls get... syke.

Props to Mark B. for the picture.