Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel you, Ralph...

...I definitely understand how you feel.

Twenty-two days until senior project demostrations. Much work needs to be done. This means long days building big boy toys in lab and long days keeping the 'puter, 'putin at home.

All this work will come back to me -- I just wanna be successful, word to Drake. I just need to try my hardest and see if I can get anything to show for it. I can't give up!

I'm with you, Ralph.. I'm with you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good music...

I go for what I know, doin' a show for human beings,
I'm guaranteed to rock -- I make the ladies scream and shout,
I'm bound to wreck your body and say 'Turn the party out'...

An often sampled verse, but I think this is the song that really pulls it off...

This that feel-good, sunny-day, eat-barbecue, eat-pie, drink-beer, boom-bap, boogie-woogie music. If you ain't know, get familiar right now! I hate to be on that elitist tip, but this is how music used to be... I still can't wrap my head around a lot of music being put out now-a-days. Don't get me wrong, I still like the new music.. but I just don't get the same feeling I get when I hear something like this.

I mean, I'll still kiss you through the phone word to Soljah Boy *pause*, but I'd definitely rock with something like this instead.

With that said, everybody in Arthur's world... rock, rock on!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Arthur wonders... Vol. Milk


Despite a lot of asians being lactose intolerant (or just hate milk), I love milk -- milk in my cereal, milk in my protein, milk in my mouth *pause*. I'm big bonededed (or fat), and I attribute my strong bones (or pudginess) to milk! Milk's awesome! Suck it!

But the real question is... who actually figured out we can drink milk?

If you think about it, the origin of milk's kinda gross. I mean, did somebody just walk up to the four-legged animal we now know as a cow, look at the part of the body that resembles a male organ that we now as an udder, and go "Let's squeeze this and drink what comes out! Come on!"

It doesn't help that its white too... *pause*

Blame it on Animal Planet HD having a cow segment!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why are you so filthy?

Watched the fight Saturday night at the homie Anthony's house. Thanks for having me over -- food and drank was great!

But yo, tell me why Manny is so filthy tho? He is pound for pound, the best fighter. I can't even wrap my head around it *pause*. He's definitely one of those dudes to look up to -- he came from weaving in and out of traffic selling cigarettes for a living to weaving in and out of punches beating ass for a living. How 'bout that?

I don't even care if it only lasted 2 rounds, that's my guy right there. Everybody got so amped -- it was so loud every time Hatton fell. I mean, it was well worth it to see this...


Friday, May 1, 2009

New workout motivation...

I'm a pretty active guy, but I don't got shit on this guy.

I play basketball, run, lift weights... but after seeing this video, I think I need to incorporate more rocks into my regimen.

I mean, I wanna be able to chop boulders with no power, push some rocks suspended by a net, then claw the ground incessantly, strap boulders to my ankles and walk around, kick said boulders so hard that they explode into dust, jump and do flips, then stone face the camera the coldest -- on that 'you can't see me, dawg' tip.

Then at the end of the day, have wifey wipe me down with some romaine lettuce coleslaw? That's the life....