Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The word 'allergy' is derived from the Ancient Greek words allos meaning 'other' and ergon meaning 'work'.

The word 'allergy' is also derived from the Arthur-ology words f*cking and dumb.

Allergies blow. If allergies ever happen to take the form of a person, I would punch it in the throat and give it eight headlocks.

It doesn't matter though -- I still would get my ass kicked. I swear I get hit from all angles *pause*. I get red eyes, inflamed everything, interminable bouts of sneezing, and the runny-but-stuffy-at-the-same-time nose.

How does that even happen? Dumb.

I mean, I'd be cool with having allergies if I could just sit at home and chill. It's another thing when you have to work for 8+ hours everyday being snot nosed the whole time. You know you might have a problem with allergies when your co-workers tell you your eyes are all jacked up right when you arrive to work.

I'ma just swag surf this out though. Just gotta make sure I'm heavily equipped with some Alevert and those Kleenex with the built-in lotion.

You know, for the runny-but-stuffy-at-the-same-time-nose.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

I rented it from the employee services store today after hearing some people say it was a good movie.

They were right.

Movie's pretty crazy. People may say that Jamie Foxx killed it in his role, but I think Gerard Butler did better in his role. Dude really did convince me that he was crazy, calculating, madman of an engineer (engineers halla). I was affected, NOT SCARED, but affected a little bit because I couldn't predict what he would do next.

It ain't even supposed to be a scary movie and I was AFFECTED. NOT scared.

But I did catch myself holding a pillow over my head on some parts. Dude had me shook. ESPECIALLY after the cell scene, WOW! Had me lookin' like Gucci Mane reading the Art of War.

Straight dumbfounded.

I recommend this movie -- it got bad reviews from practically every site but people said it was good. Or maybe I'm just easily entertained. Still, I think it's worth a watch if your into the suspenseful thriller drama type stuff.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Bday Pops

My papa turns 54 years old today.

Since I'm sorta grown up now, I treated him and the rest of the fam to Bluefin Sushi. This is one of them all-you-can-put-in-your-mouth-and-swallow-pause restaurants. These types of buffets are like double edged swords for me -- there's all the food you can eat over there, and then there's all the food you can eat over there.

What I'm sayin' is that I'm tryna cut weight but my pops wants to goto a buffet. Damn. One big meal/cheat day won't kill me, but my body didn't really like it -- I took a super big deuce after...

I don't care if what I said is gross, my swag is at its zenith and I'm piff.

Tell me why all the employees there are hella skinny though? I'm mean, you work at a restaurant that is all-you-can-put-in-your-mouth-and-swallow-pause -- how you still skinny? I think they are cheaters and liars and their bodies are fake.

But happy birthday papa!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anti-Social Networking

I gave up social networking for Lent.

What falls under this category? Facebook and Twitter mostly for me. I don't count this or my weight loss blog. Mainly because I said so. Neener neener!

It hasn't been that bad, but it's only been two days. I have had some urges though, trust. I could have made it more difficult, like giving up YouTube or videogames, but I value my sanity. Plus I think just accomplishing this successfully would be good for me.

This won't be an easy task though -- Facebook was a serious time sink for me. I have a bad habit of checking for notifications on any semblance of a break I had. It was like I was insecure or something. I just wasted alot of time on it. Like when you find yourself looking through a 200+ photo album because your friend got tagged in ONE photo? That's when you realize you have a little problem. Damn.

It's coo though, my swag is still on high. After Lent's over, I'ma login and be like...

Welcome me back in 38 days!

Note:I do not mean to offend anybody with the .gif -- I know the person may have down syndrome, but that only takes his swag to tidal wave levels.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Been Had..

Dude's a straight up clown. When dude fell over though? Wow -- or should I say..


Am I the only one that was thinking, "Damn, now he gotta pick all that up and put them facing the same way again?"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Computer not Putin'

My desktop with all my media is kaput for now.

First, everything would power up but it would not POST nor send video signals over to my monitor. I tried unplugging/plugging in everything, tried powering it with nothing connected, tried it without the auxiliary fan hooked up, etc.


Had some time to tinker with it today -- tried to unseat the motherboard battery to reset the volatile BIOS/CMOS. Left it out for few minutes then reseated it. No dice. Tried to unseat and reseat the RAM. No dice.

Now it just whirrs for two seconds, then putters out. Then starts up again. Like its trying breathe or something. Sad.

Can somebody help me? Can somebody hold me? Have you tried sleeping with a broken heart?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doppleganger Week

Who the hell made this up?

Why would you wanna put a picture of a celebrity that looks like you? You should want to look like yourself. I mean, I see dudes that put their profile picture as Trey Songz and I click 'View More Pictures' *pause*... and it's like an asian dude? Really?

They're like, "Nah just add the cornrows!" The hell outta here with that BS. I might as well change my picture to Mr. Marcus, "Just add the baseball cap!"

Fair warning: Do not search who Mr. Marcus is at work -- he is a black pornstar known for wearing a baseball cap in all his scenes. lol.

I don't care if it's what's good in the hood, I'd rather be myself. I'm my own celebrity, swag at 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,002.

And yes, I just put all the commas in that big ass number.