Monday, October 25, 2010


Elementary school yearbooks were the shit back in the day.

'Have a great summer.'
-Kevin Durant

Remember that statement back in elementary school? I swear the first year we got yearbooks that is all everybody wrote, then they signed their names. Then you got those kids that just wrote their name -- I'd be like, 'really?' I mean, we were like 4th graders or whatever but at least wish me a great summer foo, damn.

Then you got kids that just got straight up lazy after signing 2 yearbooks.

-Gucci Mane

C'mon dawg. You can't write four words when we spent damn near every other day writing words on that special sheet of paper with the three lines and the dotted line in the middle? Maybe he was the type of kid that pressed on the pencil too hard and made his hand all tired, I don't know.

Then you got your badass classmates. You know, the kids that didn't do homework and looked over your shoulder on spelling tests. When they signed your yearbook, they put an edge to it...

'Have a kickass summer!'
-Mr. Marcus

When I saw that, I was like 'oooooo, ur kewl'. Then I proceeded to sign all the other kids year book like that, LOL. I was tryna cop that 4th grade I-get-in-trouble-everyday-at-recess-but-don't-give-a-fk swag.

Really though, the most important thing with yearbooks was trying to get girls sign your yearbook AND leave their number. This was of utmost importance -- it showed you were 'that dude' to your friends and it showed which girls in class were feeling you.

I would ask the finest girl in elementary school to sign and check all super fast if they left their number. If it didn't, I would get salty. But if I look down and it said...

'Have a kickass summer! I really think your sexy the way you eat your Lunchables and would love for you to share your meat with me. Call me! 123-6969'
-Beyonce Knowles

I was too shy back then though so I never called LOL. But hey it felt good, that's what she said.

Anyway, H.A.G.D.


  1. Is that Brian Pumper???

  2. yes, the one and only brian pumper hahahaha