Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arthur has two words for you...

I'm a fan of telling people to embrangle themselves on my private member. In other words, to 'suck it'. I don't mean it -- I use it as an expression (most of the time). If you've known me, you know this. If you don't know me, suck it! If you dont know what this even looks like, I'll have Olivia Munn demonstrate...

Turns out my friends have seen the way and have adopted this expression to be used in their daily activities. This is the Arthur way.

Marie and Charisma down with it...

Ann-Marie already knows whats up. Check out the shirt tho...

Even during phone calls, still gots to do it.

Jazz knows the deal. She's drunk but that doesn't matter.

In between frames at the bowling alley, Anela's enjoying herself hahah

The new dance crew, "Team Suck It!"

Me teaching Kazuya the way.

Dex and John representing in Japan.

Bringing it international, son.

People come to me and say, "Arthur why don't you do something else? That's pretty vulgar..."

Arthur out!


  1. Instant Classic.
    Thanks for the privilege as always good sir! If your up this weekend, I am going to try to organize some gym time with the students. Let me know what's up.

  2. Fack, dawg, that's how we do it. That hyphy suck it. WwW.