Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look what I found at the grocery store!

I went on a trip to Canada with some friends to show some of the Japanese students around. We had all-you-can-eat-and-get-chubby-lol-like-arthur sushi and did some shopping.

Some of the exchange students wanted to buy these Canadian cookies for souvenirs/nom noms for their friends, family, boyfriends. Couldn't figure out where they got that idea -- American cookies are way better, and American. Thin mints and Samoas? That's the super combo right there.

Anyway, I found this at the grocery store down one of the aisles...

I found the Philippines! I didn't know my home country was nestled between Maple Canadian Cookies and Double Stuff'd Oreos! I guess this counts as my 3rd visit.

Some other interesting finds at this grocery store...

Nice, cookies that make you shit!

Can't forget the rest of the family -- Ma, Pa, Lola, and brother need to take the deucey too!

Canada's interesting. Thanks Linh for taking the pictures.

Arthur out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beyonce Revisited

Remember this?

Now, you can remember this.


You can sing about all the single ladies, boy/girl double standard, woman empowerment things you want -- I ain't mad at you. Not at all.

Arthur out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Nickname in Elementary School

With a name like Arthur James, growing up I had alot of nicknames -- AJ, Jamie, Age (pronounce AJ), Sexy Ass 7 Year Old... you name it!

These monikers were good, but the best nicknames that I've ever received came from elementary school. I got the standard James and the Giant Peach and James Bond... but there was one nickname in particular that I'll never forget...

5th Grade, Mr. Howell's class. The classroom smelled of sweaty kids, armpit, and feet -- basically like the ballpit at McDonalds.

Mr. Howell was droning on about the results of some assignment while me and the rest of the kids either squirmed around in our chairs, passed notes, or slept. I wasn't worried about the homework because I was little smarty pants back then (maybe still am?), I was just desperately waiting for the top of the hour to roll by so we could go out to recess.

2 o' clock hits and we're free! I pick up the basketball and jet out the door.

But wait, I got this fart coming on. Thinking to myself, "Hehe I'll let it out and let all my classmates smell it while they leave the ballpit smelling classroom." Boy was I wrong...

It wasn't a fart. I pooped my pants.

My eyes widen from the sudden soiling of my underwear and the feel of feces nestled between my cheeks. I slow down to a halt. I then proceed to post up with my back on a nearby brick wall.


I then start walking to the school office -- I need to call my mama. My friends started to call out to me...
"Hey James! Where are you going? I thought we were playing basketball."
"I poo'd my pants."
"I poo'd my pants!!!!"

Hilarity ensued. Jerks.

I threw them the basketball and proceeded to go to the principals office to call my mommie for a fresh pair of white on whites -- Whitey Tighties.

Word got out, and this is how I got my most memorable nickname..

Hershey Squirt.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sayonara tomodachis...

Today, the Japanese exchange students here at school have completed their 5 month stay. I've been involved in this program for a little bit now, but I felt more attached to this cycle -- we all kicked it more. My campus friend that I was assigned to was Kazuya, he's the guy in the site picture with me. I was in the middle of teaching him the american way! Kazuya's tight -- he's pretty intelligent and funny, and his english was prettyyyy damn good.

I'm going to miss them tho.

Here's some pictures that I scrounged up from friends, personal photos, whatever.

Some of the females of the cycle.

Can you find Arthur?

My guy (pause) Dex with Kiana, Yui, and Hitomi (kao ga tabetai).

Kiana with Mayumi. Mayumi's half Filipina and she knows more tagalog than me... wowowee. I only understand when my mama's yelling at me. And of course dirty talk... ;]

Mami and Dadi.

The BBC.

Hiromu and I, that's the guy right there.

Alisa and Saki/Sake LoL.

Import RPG and Kayako.

Doin' it real big, doggie.

Alex and I with some of the students during their talent show.

Talent show with Airi, suk it....

Talen show with Hitomi, oshiri tabetai desu.

Most of the homies at their favorite sushi joint, Moshi Moshi. Figures lollll.


Have a safe trip back ya'll! I'm going to visit sometime.. I just got this Pimsleur Japanese I, II, and III. About to dust off the Japanese skills from high school and put it into top gear -- learning a new language is pretty fun, but I got pretty lazy before. Not anymore!

Sayonara! Arthur out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I hit Rhianna...

... but she gave me the herps man.

The herps.

That stays with you foreverrrr, foreverrrrrr, foreverrrrr, foreverrrr on the dance floor.

I didn't really hit her, but people have said I look like an asian version of Chris Brown (I did not start this) and they have been giving me comments in person and on the internet -- "Why did you hit Rhianna? You gotta stop with that..!" What am I to do?

If that rumor is true, that Rhianna did give him herpes... man that's serious business. AND from Jay-Z. That's effed up haha. I couldn't imagine what I would do, because damn there is no cure for that -- It's for life, dawg.

But Chris, you didn't have to give her the super punch though. Police reports say that Rhianna's face was effed up beyond recognition -- like bruises everywhere on her face. Pretty crazy.

Then Jay-Z is sayin' Chris Brown is a dead man walking? Pulleeezze doggie. If anything, he's going to send somebody else to do it -- he wouldn't dare ruin his image over something he's not directly involved in. Besides, Jay-Z has done his own rendition of Chris Brown's Take You Down in the past...

But whatever, I don't really talk about celebrities... but since people have been telling me that I look like Chris Brown, I'd thought I'd shed some light.

Arthur out!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arthur's Word: Kobe Bryant

I speak on the best player in the NBA. He's still a jerk tho.

I'm out.. need to buy some new shoes or something.

Also, I'd like to say that I love my lola very much, and that I wish her well as she travels back to Canada, and then the Philippines. I will miss you and I love you from the bottom of my heart.