Monday, March 23, 2009

Beyonce has some competition?

Everybody knows I'm a fan of Beyonce. Everybody.

But when I ran into this video, I might just switch teams real quick... *pause*

Video had me real attentive for a minute. I knew I was in for it though -- the video is called Love, Sex, Magic. C'mon now. I mean look at the thumbnail picture -- what is she doin' right there?

JT is an asshole for that.

Watching it though, I was in the zone -- I didn't notice Justin Timberlake, I didn't notice the backup dancers shaking their one leg, shit I didn't even notice the song. It could have been the Power Ranger theme song playing for all I care. I was just like this...

But really now? Ciara all grown up? No more 'Goodies', now its just straight sexiness? I'm not mad at that. That 'Goodies' song always confused me anyway...
My goodies, my goodies, my goodies.. Not my goodies!

Good for her though!

Arthur out!


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