Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buy Me Something!

I've been a good boy so please buy me something!


- Heavy Bag with stand so I can practice beating people up.
- One of those IPOD Car player things so I can listen to my extensive Lady Gaga and Cam'ron collection while I drive to work.
- A GPS for my car so I hate driving in Seattle less.
- DJ Hero... maybe.
- Oil Pastels so I can make cute pictures of Pokemon
- Books so I can look smart -- maybe books with a art type twist like fashion and look books.

I'm really not sure on any of these gifts -- these are more of nice things for me to have.. but cutting out all that mushy mushy stuff, all I want really is my family and friends.

But hey, buying me stuff doesn't hurt! If you don't...

Really though, I just made this list so I have an idea of what to buy myself if Santa doesn't come hahaha


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