Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Woke up bleary eyed yesterday at 5:30 AM.

Stood outside for 5+ hours, came about 5 minutes away from losing a couple toes.

But it was worth it...

...beautiful. To watch something that you have worked on for a long time, succeed? That has to be one of the best feelings. I mean, I have only been working on this plane as an intern for two summers and as a full-time employee for a few months -- a minuscule amount of time compared to some -- but I feel deeply involved with this plane.

It's like watching your baby walk. Or some shit like that.

Only one way but up!


  1. You lucky dog. I was sitting at my desk doing work when it happened, and there were a bunch of people in our conference room watching it.

    No one told me.

  2. Congrats man, that's gotta feel good. What part were you working on? It's Matt from the Western EET program btw.

  3. KP, we knew we wanted to get out there real early once we heard about the flight date.

  4. Matt wsup!? I'm a Systems Engineer, so I work more with making sure processes get followed and that the plane's configuration is robust -- my group also serves as a pseudo liaison between our global partners.

    How's school though? Plow through dawg..

  5. That's tight. Sounds like a bit of responsibility. Lol, school's good but I'm ready to be done.