Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Arthur Sets Goals

Let's get a little serious.

Being completely honest with myself, I appreciate what I am. I feel blessed to have what I have. I feel blessed to have whatever talents I have. I feel blessed to have the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and what I have done to fulfill those opportunities to the best of my ability. There's regrets, but that is natural.

But I'm not completely satisfied.

I feel that there's even more potential within me, that there is more to me that what I have at the present. I want to harness and cultivate this.

This being said, I want to set some goals.

- Be 185 pounds by April 2010. Right now I'm at 205. It's weird because I don't really look that pudgy -- I'd like to think I'm just dense with hard steel. I will be documenting this on my newly created blog, 185 and Nerdy
- Cultivate my artistic talent by creating/drawing something once a week.
- Expunge bad/weak habits and replace them by good ones.
- Dunk a basketball. Really.

I think these goals are pretty realistic. I will try my hoardest to accomplish these goals, and maybe possibly exceed them. Screw it, I'm going to do all these goals. BELIE DAT. If I don't, I will let each and every one of my readers personally do this to me...

...females preferred and not a punch, but more of a sensual patting please. ;]


  1. One of my good friends here at Western, Eric Jensen, started a website for fitness supplements. When I told him how I wanted to devote more time to my fitness, he recommended me this stuff:

    With that particular protein, it helps to promote just the building of lean muscle, so it's definitely a good tool for weight loss and muscular production. I honestly love it, I got the rich chocolate flavor and shake it up with milk. I drink it right after I work out, and it's a good pre-dinner so you don't pig out after working out, which is definitely my problem.

    Good luck! I've always struggled with my weight and fitness, so I always try to support others that truly want to make a change too!