Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My pudge pudge comes in handy sometimes...

I have been a part of a local boxing gym for a while now. It's not like an aerobic boxing class you take at the YMCA or something, you get your ass beat... like in the middle up the crack... with a spiked bat (no homo). Like people from the gym actually fight amateur and win -- the 2007 National Women's Golden Glove champion goes to the gym. She's insanely good lol.

But anyway, I went in yesterday -- everything was normal AKA my shirt was soaked with Arthur mojo. Usually when the sessions wind down, we go through a circuit of ab excercises. Not today, oh no not today...

So our boxing coach grabs a stick and tells everybody to lay down in a line, face up. I'm like "ruh roh..." -- I've never been asked to do this.

So we are all laying down and our coach, stick in hand, starts walking on us! He would just walk on top of us on our abs/midsection. My reaction...

I couldn't do anything about it now, so I tightened my abs (its the feeling you get when you're trying to take a dookie)and braced to get pranced on.

It wasn't that bad.

But he did it like 20 times over.

I guess my pudge pudge comes in handy sometimes... I definitely did dookie when I got home -- stepping on my intestine's is sure to push that food out of you.

Take it ez ya'll!


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