Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Been hit with a few shells but don't walk with a limp...

I rolled my ankle last Friday.

It's Wednesday now. I haven't had proper time to sit down and really take care of it -- as a result, it got swollen! I had lab work, studying, and that America's Best Dance Crew tour to attend (pics and vids coming soon). I was busy!

I decided to take a look at it today. My reaction...

Cot damn! I look down and see this...

Don't give me crap about the mix matched socks -- that's true game right there. I'm playin', I actually had double socks on and the inner sock was white.

Shit's crazy! I've never had it turn purple before, and I've rolled this ankle plenty of times. Oh well -- it gives me an excuse to walk with that gangster lean. People be looking at me on campus like "Oh shit, he's a true gangster... he that sswagger ... sexy, mmmm". Well, not just like that.. maybe? All I know is I'm gimpy and goin' to school hahah.

Take it ez ya'll!


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