Monday, October 6, 2008

Four TV crushes that I had growing up...

Growing up, I watched a lot of TV. A LOT. Whether it was TGIF with Step-By-Step, Family Matters, Boy Meets World etc. or Nickelodeon with My Brother and Me, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Didn't matter, I watched it. I was going through adolescence at the time, so naturally I was a little... let's say, "enthusiastic"... when certain girls were on TV.

Okay, I was a horny little kid back then. Who wasn't?! Pfft.

Anyway, I had four distinct crushes growing up -- every time they graced the TV screen my heart would flutter...

Or I would get a stiffy. One of the two.

1. Salt-N-Pepa

Every every EVERY time I saw this video, I got a tingle in my loins. I swear. I couldn't put my finger on it (no pun intended, lol). They were just so suggestive, so suave, so explicit! I remember I would go over to my friend's house in the 1st grade and pretend we were making out with them (no homo). I also vividly remember my friend saying he would rip Pepa's shirt off and just relive his breast feeding days. I promise it was my friend. Promise. We were growing up alright!

2. Alex Mack

This show was the shit. It had great storyline, great plot, great cinematography. Syke. All it had was Alex Mack. It also had a young actress named Jessica Alba, but she's hella weak (lol). To tell you the truth though, I don't remember any episode except the first one -- you know, the one where she JUST got her powers and didn't know how to transform into that puddle without losing all her clothes? Yeah, that one.

3. Aunt Becky

Yes, this is Aunt Becky from Full House. The same Aunt Becky that got with Uncle Jesse and had those twins. Everybody was heads over heels over the Olsen twins. I ain't give a eff bout them -- I cared for Aunt Becky. I don't care if she's older, she definitely "fluttered" my 7 year old "heart" *cough*. I don't even know what kinda haircut she got in this picture, on that 'Something About Mary' status, but I sure as hell didn't care. She was definitely the best female on the show, with Kimi Gibbler coming in a close 2nd place (not really). She's all grown now and still looking good so halla at a playa, I'm a grown man ma.

4. Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper

Winnie Cooper. You know from the jump that she was the girl that would be with you to the end -- she was the girl down the street that would play outside with you all day, playing tag, football, spin the bottle (lol). Growing up I had no real kids on my street unless you counted some older girls that lived next to me. I didn't really hang out with them though. I had better things to do anyway, like play Super Mario Bros. 2.

But I digress, Winnie Cooper filled that gap. She definitely captivated the 7 year old Arthur. I was so pissed when Kevin messed that up. Cot damn.

So those were my TV crushes from when I was growing up. Writing this struck me with a strong sense of nostalgia. Ahhhhh...

On another note, I'd like to with my girlfriend a happy birthday..

<3 <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 <3

Take it ez ya'll!


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