Monday, October 13, 2008

Dance Out of Your Pants

I'm going America's Best Dance Crew tour tonight with my girlfriend and friends. Apparently they wanted me to perform over there for some reason... perhaps they saw my Maui Chip video?

I'm playin'.

Anyway, we got Row 2 on the Floor AKA I can slap the asses of A.S.S.I.D. and my girlfriend can touch all the Jabberwockees that she wants (bratty). It's pretty close. But yeah we'll see these guys...

My girlfriend thinks I look like one of those dudes... Phil? Well I google'd dude (no homo) and made a little comparison picture:

I don't know... maybe if you add some facial hair and took off some of my huge neck and face muscles (lol).

But alright, I gotta get ready (AKA play Halo). Hopefully I can squeeze my camera in there and take some pictures -- put it in my crotch area or something... no homo again. But anyway, I'll catch you guys later! Take it ez!


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