Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bears are the best animal. Period!

Hey, what is your favorite animal? Dog? Cat? Goat? Doesn't matter -- bears are better. Bears are... THE best animal. Period. If you don't agree...

Get outta here. LoL

Three reasons why bears are the best animal...

1. They are lazy as hell.

Bears are lazy as hell -- they sleep for freaking up to 7 months! This is 7 months without moving, exercising, or taking a shit. In order for them to do this, they lower their heart rate from 60-90 beats per minute to 8-40 beats per minute. Eight beats per minute. Really? That's 1 beat every 7.5 seconds. Yes I'm a nerd, don't worry about it. But seriously how can you do that? Just imagine not taking a doo doo for 7 months...

People call this hibernating. I call it being a bo$$.

2. They fish.

Fishermen are tight -- fishing is one of the things I like doing, even though I may not be that great at it :D Fishies fishies are a staple of a bears diet... and they catch them with their bear/bare (get it? am i kewl yet?) hands. I mean, if I can't catch much with a pole no homo... don't know if I'd have much luck with my bare hands. Think about it too, bears don't even have opposable thumbs! Shit's amazing. I am aroused.

3. They beat ass.

Bears are buff as fuk. Almost as buff as me.........(lol). But seriously, they possess extraordinary strength, regardless of size or animal. A bear can kill a moose, elk, deer, whatever the hell it wants, in one swipe of its front paw. What the hell.

But Arthur... what about lions, tigers, rhinos, and elephants...?

Bears are the best animal. Period. I asked my friends though, "What is your favorite animal?" I like dogs! I like puppies! I like foxes! I like hippos! I like black panthers!

Whatever!! All get dunzo'd by the bear. Halla @ bears.

Funny thing though -- I asked my pops what his favorite animal was... he replied "Goats, because I can eat it when I get bored of it"

Lol wow really??????? hahahahaha


  1. so is teddisura your guy? i enjoy infernape personally

    or a mankey