Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Finally Getting Lei'd!

Har har! Arthur you're so funny!

But seriously, tomorrow I'm leaving for Hawaii until the end of the month. I've never been over there so I'm super excited. I just want to try any and everything -- from doing some luaus, hula dancing wearing just coconuts and a grass skirt (no homo), snorkling, feeling up some coconuts (no homo)...[TI] you can do whatever you liiikkee, you can do whatever you liiikeeee yaaaaahhh [/TI]...

This place is going to be my house for a few days...

I'm not joking either. It's like my own castle! Definitely fitting for somebody with the name Arthur... am i kewl yet?

But seriously I'm in awe just looking at pictures. I'm blessed to have the opportunities given to me... I'm always deeply appreciative of what I have. Hard work and being yourself is all you need. Now it's just my turn to play a little bit... other than my video games. ;]

Updates aren't guaranteed, but I'll definitely be taking pictures. Take it ez y'all!