Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get your 6-pack on!

I was just taking a break from studying (finals are so kewl man) and I came across this video clip. This clip has inspired me to cut up my sexy steel body and also get a doggie.

Man monkeys are so tight!! Doggies are so tight!! Arthur is so tight (no homo)!! I was crackin' up like crazzzzay though! Who would have known that animals are so smart to the point that they could do situps? I sure didn't.

Hopefully everybody's days is going swell.. get through your work day, your finals, your graduation (congrats btw), anything! Just smile and keep at it ;] not to sound corny or anything (i'm really a brolic gangster that never smiles and/or talks and/or has feelings)

as for me? I'm looking to spend another 9 hours in the lab, sweet sauce!!!!!

take it ez y'all!


  1. where do you get all those crazy gifs? do you make them yourself??