Thursday, May 29, 2008

My, My, My, I love Pie!

Pie is the best dessert. No discussion. On my next birthday I don't want a effin cake -- I just want a big ass pie that I can walk into and eat like that Gingerbread house Hansel and Gretel had back in elementary school. On my wedding day I don't want a wedding cake, I just want a mountain of McDonald apple pies. They are 2 for 1$ anyway...

That picture is straight boner inducing, cot damn (no homo). Look at those apple slices -- so crisp and firm yet melts in your mouth, a smattering of cinnamon and apples caressing the taste buds, rejuvenating (hahaha).But seriously pie is the best, here are some reasons:
  1. It looks good.
  2. It smells good.
  3. It tastes good.
  4. There are different flavors, like apple, pumpkin, cherry, poontang (lol).
  5. Best reason, if you are tired of it, you can just put your ding dong king kong in it like in American Pie!!!!
  6. I like it... doesn't matter about anybody else!!
  7. I'm so kewl...................................
So pretty much pie is like Arthur....... am I kewl yet??? You might be saying "Arthur, what about cake? Cake is way better than pie! You're still sexy tho..." Here's what I have to say...

I swear I don't know what the big appeal with cake is -- cake sucks! It's all dry and shit, not even moist or juicy, I mean seriously. "But what about the icing and frosting?" No, that stuff sucks too! Only cake that's good is ice cream cake and thats not even cake -- it's just ice cream. I'll slap anybody that likes cake.

Wondering what everybody else has to say... I went and asked random people off my buddy list. The results are in.. anddddd I have alot of slapping to do hahahah. Click on the picture to enlarge/read it way better.

Oh well, I guess it's just me and pie alone together. Unless some people out there like pie also... vote on the survey on the right and let me know!

Time to do something more productive.. like make some pop-tarts, macaroni and cheese or somethin, eat some more pie, ionno.

Take it ez y'all.


  1. Cake is BOMB!! But yay! I made your post! :)

  2. i like cake AND pie. now what? also, have you had fried apple pies from non-US mcd's??

  3. Get sillaaaayyyyy!!!....BG style no homo though

  4. it feels like warm apple pie

  5. YEAH CAKE SUCKS!!!! except
    ice cream cake > pie

  6. i now know whos my new buddy

    ice cream cake isnt cake its ice cream shaped as cake