Friday, June 20, 2008

I got that work!

Today was the first day of workie work. I woke up at 5:40, which is extremely early for me. Like for the past, I don't know 7 months or whatever I have been going to bed around 3-4 o'clock in the morning and waking up at 12 or whatever time my class starts. So it was fkn hard to goto sleep at 11:300 or whatever. I was just like laying there...for like 2 hours.


So I get to work and I get my bo$$ badge, get everything situated, my morale was high -- I just got reunited with my old co-workers, everything was going smooth, it was nice. I'm ready to work!

So I go to log onto my laptop and try to log onto Windows. YES LETS GO!!!!

Error message.

It won't let me change my password. I call Help Desk ... "Keep trying periodically, but usually it takes 24 hours to work... so check back on it Monday."

Damnit. I can't work.. for the... next 7.5 hours? Like maybe it's just me but I would prefer working hard and learning than just sitting there not doing anything. Well, I did some things...

I attended a staff meeting for an hour, that was pretty kewl.

I read the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times, some other periodicals, and my reading book "Think and Grow Rich". It's kind of dry, but I'm interested in self-improvement books.

I counted how long of a password you can create. You know when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on? You can make your password 128 characters, or was it 127? That's how many black circles you can make.

I was drinking water while walking and I spilled alot on my shirt. It was a light blue dress shirt too so you know that shit stood out hahah.

Other than that, it was pretty chill. I really hope I can start working though -- I like my job and keeping busy.

RANDOM NOTE: When I got home I took the biggest collective dookie ever!! Like, super big. It felt like a cleansing experience. Too much info, I know... but I don't give an uff. If you want to see it tho, I took a picture here.


Take it ez!


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