Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Got the Innernets Goin' Nuts

I just my internet back so halla at me.

What's new? I moved out of my condo into a house right across the skoo -- so I can now get up 10 minutes before class, scratch my balls a little bit, then walk across the street and I'm at school already. Like literally I'm like 3 steps away from campus. It's pretty sweet.

But yeah its great, my rooms big, smells good, its sexytime, its arthur babayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I took a video of it...

But yeah I'ma keep it quick -- but hey quick fact about myself... I have this weird thing where I CAN NOT go boo boo if my environment is new. Like literally I don't feel the urge if the place is new.. I swear I didn't go #2 for like 3 days when I was here... it was really really bad ;[

yeah that was pretty random but hey it's my blog so if you don't like it...

hahahah take it ez y'all ;]