Friday, February 22, 2008

You wouldn't be ballin' even if your name was Spalding


I have always played basketball -- ever since I was little I've always been shootin, dribblin my balls (no homo), driving my parents karrazzzzzy even to this day. Let me show you how bossy I am ;]

Wipe me daaaaawnnnnnn pulayaaaaaaa.

My younger brother was filmin'.. I got footage of him no homo but thats for another video. Well I just wanted to keep it short, I still got class today and all that. But alright y'all take it ezzzzz and if you didn't like this post...

hahahahha SUP.

Arthur signin' outttt

OH YEAH... vote on the side survey, i just wanna see where all yall comin from... AIIIHGGGTT?????????? It's the least you can do if you enjoy this shiz I write off the top of my domepiece