Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm So Skinny!

Not really. I've always been a pudgy kid -- when I was little my grandma would give me 2 Crunch bars, a pack of Starburst, and some ice cream EVERYTIME she saw me.

She saw me everyday.

Lollllllll.. here's a picture of me back then, as you can see I've always been fresh and bout my chedder (halla @ me)

Anyway, this past weekend I went home to my parent's house. You know what that means -- I GET FED! Seriously at my place at school I'm eating PB$J sandwiches and like 2 Ritz crackers, that's it. It's great! But seriously I ate some serious food back home... with my GF too (halla).

Saturday we went to Salty's brunch. This place was insane. It's all you can eat, they got like 219084 different types of fish, oysters, clams, crab, eggs, waffles, crepes, seriously any brunch food you could imagine. Cot damn. Here's my first plate...

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I put down 2 of these bad boys and some desert. Skinny. The following days I ate so many chicken breasts (i love breast can i halla), so many potatoes, so much meat no homo. Ahhhhhhh.... well my excuse is that I'ma starve when I go back to school anyway so it's like I'm a bear in hibernation you feel me (only females plz, just kiddin baby dont get madd haha)!?!

Random thought about food.. How the hell did humans figure out about milk. I mean, did they just go up to a cow and was like "HEY, look at that things ding dongs! I think I'm going to squeeze them and drink whatever comes out! Who's with me!?" I mean, who's idea was that???! hahahah seriously stuff like that gets me going like this

Take it easy y'all ;]

Arthur signin' outtttttt


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