Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Get Poppin' on Valentine's Day

Wsup y'all. It's 2:11 AM and I just got home from working on code for 7 hours straight (halla @ me) but I don't give an is a special day -- it's Valentine's Day cheeeuhhhh

I know some people don't like this holiday because of whatever whatever.. but cheer up because Arthur's on the loveline and I'ma gonna help you out b. This is how you can get it poppin' on Valentine's Day aka sexyyyytimeeeeee aka have her talk in falsetto ooh ooh baby ahhh aaahh eeeee aka Arthur is sexy.

First, you gotta start it off with old school.. bring it back to those elementary school days. Bust this out...

This will get things started for real, show her or him that you ain't playin'. Trust me I got hella hoes from this right here (not really but whatever).

Then you gotta show that you're sensitive, that you're so kew men, that you're the one with that gushy gushy hottie bombo lattie. This will do it...

They won't be able to resist by now... you gotta set the mood with some music. None of that Chris Brown, Bobby Valentino, Jodeci, Barry White stuff. Put this on...

Give her something to show what's on your mind. Give her something from the heart.

Halla @ it.

That's all you gotta do, and you good.

Happy Valentine's everybody... wrap it up b hahah


  1. Finally had a chance to peep this out, and well played sir, well played. I know you're a busy man, but if you (or any one you know) have any free time, let me know. I need some campus friends for the upcoming cycle of Japanese students.

    All you do is pretty much hang out once a week, or whenever you want, and you can play video games, basketball, go to dinner, do homework, whatever. Let me know mayn, good lookin out.

    Keep up these posts, its what's really good.