Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smells like Chimmychangas!

Last Saturday I went to the club -- War Room in Seattle with Muriel and her cousin to meet up with some of my old friends. Here's some pika-chars...!

Looks like a good time right? Well yeah for the most part -- but shit that place was crowded like hayyylll as you can see from the first pic. Anyway, we're chillin and Muriel and her cousin Hera goes to get me a drink (lol tanx baby) so I'm sitting down saving their seats with Hera's coat. Soon after, this guy starts slapping my back telling me to get up... I'm 'wtf dawg, wut's goin on??'. Then this smell of rotten Mexican food starts to seep into my nostrils. I stand up and look to my right...

I just got threw up on.




The guy on the right of me just threw up on the seat and me. I'm heated. But he was part of the party (my friend Jordan's cousin's friends birthday, kinda have to concentrate on that one hahah), so I'm not going to act up.

So basically I'm like 'wowwwwwww' -- I'm walking around the club with throw up splattered on my ass (i dont know how) and pantleg smelling like a freaking Number 3 from Taco Bell with Fiesta Potatoes. I end up going to the bathroom and wiping myself down (halla @ me) I shortly find Muri and Hera. I say my good byes and we leave the club.

As we're walkin, Muri's like 'baby you know you're going to have to take off those pants when we drive home -- I don't want to gag.' Again, I'm like wowwwwwwwwww. At this point I don't care -- so we get to the car and I take of my pants (wipe me down, sup).

So there I am, sitting shotgun with my girlfriend and her cousin... in my underroos. It felt like all eyes were on me.


But hey we went and got hotdogs that was great -- man it was one of the best hotdogs I've had, and I don't even like hotdogs.

You can see my sexy leg in the background -- I really didn't have any pants on. But anyway, we drop Hera off with her own special enchilada smelling jacket and we go back to Muri's house, where she proceded to wash my jeans and sweater (thx baby again ;]) and we just fell alseep.

- Hera got my drink spilled on her and down her shirt and was about to smack-a-ho
- Two girls in front of our booth were shoving and about to fight. smack-a-hoes
- People that don't move in the club I wanna just Ric Flair back hand slap them in the throat


Bonus -- This is where I learned all my dance moves. Serious.

Take it ez y'all ;]


  1. muahaha smack-a-ho. i really would have if muri and jordan didnt hold me back. stupid girl. i hate her.