Monday, February 22, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

I rented it from the employee services store today after hearing some people say it was a good movie.

They were right.

Movie's pretty crazy. People may say that Jamie Foxx killed it in his role, but I think Gerard Butler did better in his role. Dude really did convince me that he was crazy, calculating, madman of an engineer (engineers halla). I was affected, NOT SCARED, but affected a little bit because I couldn't predict what he would do next.

It ain't even supposed to be a scary movie and I was AFFECTED. NOT scared.

But I did catch myself holding a pillow over my head on some parts. Dude had me shook. ESPECIALLY after the cell scene, WOW! Had me lookin' like Gucci Mane reading the Art of War.

Straight dumbfounded.

I recommend this movie -- it got bad reviews from practically every site but people said it was good. Or maybe I'm just easily entertained. Still, I think it's worth a watch if your into the suspenseful thriller drama type stuff.


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