Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The word 'allergy' is derived from the Ancient Greek words allos meaning 'other' and ergon meaning 'work'.

The word 'allergy' is also derived from the Arthur-ology words f*cking and dumb.

Allergies blow. If allergies ever happen to take the form of a person, I would punch it in the throat and give it eight headlocks.

It doesn't matter though -- I still would get my ass kicked. I swear I get hit from all angles *pause*. I get red eyes, inflamed everything, interminable bouts of sneezing, and the runny-but-stuffy-at-the-same-time nose.

How does that even happen? Dumb.

I mean, I'd be cool with having allergies if I could just sit at home and chill. It's another thing when you have to work for 8+ hours everyday being snot nosed the whole time. You know you might have a problem with allergies when your co-workers tell you your eyes are all jacked up right when you arrive to work.

I'ma just swag surf this out though. Just gotta make sure I'm heavily equipped with some Alevert and those Kleenex with the built-in lotion.

You know, for the runny-but-stuffy-at-the-same-time-nose.


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