Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anti-Social Networking

I gave up social networking for Lent.

What falls under this category? Facebook and Twitter mostly for me. I don't count this or my weight loss blog. Mainly because I said so. Neener neener!

It hasn't been that bad, but it's only been two days. I have had some urges though, trust. I could have made it more difficult, like giving up YouTube or videogames, but I value my sanity. Plus I think just accomplishing this successfully would be good for me.

This won't be an easy task though -- Facebook was a serious time sink for me. I have a bad habit of checking for notifications on any semblance of a break I had. It was like I was insecure or something. I just wasted alot of time on it. Like when you find yourself looking through a 200+ photo album because your friend got tagged in ONE photo? That's when you realize you have a little problem. Damn.

It's coo though, my swag is still on high. After Lent's over, I'ma login and be like...

Welcome me back in 38 days!

Note:I do not mean to offend anybody with the .gif -- I know the person may have down syndrome, but that only takes his swag to tidal wave levels.


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