Thursday, January 7, 2010


While I lay here in my bed trying to recover from a neck injury I sustained, I will regale you all with Arthur knowledge.

The meaning of *pause*.

You may have seen me type this out in my blogs, and if you met and talked with me in-person, you definitely know I do this.

So what does this mean? It means I said something that could be perceived as homosexual, when I do not intend it to be. Example given, "I like to squeeze my Twinkees until all the white stuff comes out, pause". Essentially it is a substitution for what I used to say -- "No Homo".

This was invented by my favorite rapper, Cam'ron, then popularized by the likes of Kanye West ("To everybody on your dick, no homo" on Run This City), Lil Wayne (appropriately at the beginning of Lollipop), and myself (everything).

The reason for my substitution? To be more polite and politically correct -- it is now 2010, people have become more understanding of homosexuality and LGBTA as a whole.

Me included.

When I said 'no homo' in the middle of class fairly loud and realized I had a gay classmate, I felt like an asshole -- pretty embarrassed and cried myself to sleep. But no, seriously I felt pretty bad. Hence, *pause* was born.

*pause* in action...

Very appropriate use, but interrupting Spike Lee? Really? That's what's up -- gotta let 'em know. How is Spike Lee going to call Dan Dickau just 'Dick'? It's not even his nickname, it's part of his last name. C'mon son.


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