Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I look forward to lunch everyday.

It's not because I got a nice sandwich to slobber over. It's not because I got a slice of cheese to eat. It's not because I got a nice salad to munch on. It's because I have croutons on that salad.

Yes, croutons.

Shit, I don't even know if I'm spelling croutons out right, but cot damn they are good. I ain't about to google dictionary.com and figure that shit out because croutons need attention now!

Croutons are straight piff. What's piff you may wonder? From urbandictionary.com..
Superior to the average. Also a potent strain of weed/canibus of purple color.
"Croutons are straight piff."

Why did I just look up 'piff' and not how to spell croutons? Why did I just compare croutons to narcotics? I don't care -- croutons are great. Just the way it crunches into little bits every bit, then dissipates its packets of flavor onto the palette of the tongue...

I mean, give me a bowl of dirt with a bunch of croutons and I may just eat it. Don't give a @!#!.

Croutons foo!!!