Monday, July 27, 2009

Janet Jackson


I swear every damn time I watch this video I get completely smitten -- I'm not talking about the anonymous shirtless male models (c'mon now), I'm talking about Ms. Janet Jackson.

If you took Janet Jackson in this video and lined her up with today's R&B superstars, I would still pick Janet. Hands down. Keri Hilson is coo, but c'mon... better than Janet? It's not even Janet's body that does it for me. It's the smile -- freaking hypnotizing me.

I'll be sitting in my cubicle at work busily hacking away at a project while listening to Pandora and this song will come up. Guess what Arthur does? Does he stay engaged on his work? Haiiillll no! I drop everything and start dancing in the middle of my cube. No joke..

..not too long though because I don't wanna get in trouble. *snort* *snort* *chortle*

But ya'll get the point.


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