Saturday, July 11, 2009

Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds

Guess who's going to the Final Fantasy orchestrated concert?

I'm super excited for this -- I've been an avid fan of Final Fantasy since elementary school. I've played through many of the games, I've dedicated countless hours to each game, I've traveled to many virtual distant lands from Narshe, Zanarkand, Midgar, to Fisherman's Horizon.

Now, thanks to Muriel, I can now experience the music I have been listening to all this time... only to be played by the renowned Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall.

I'm going to cry. I know it.

I'm not even lying either. Call me a bitch, wussy, whatever (actually don't, or I'll beat your ass!!)... but this music moves me so much -- it invokes so much emotion personally. An amalgam of vibrant memories if you will.

I REALLY hope they play this song -- this is my personal favorite.

I get shivers EVERY DAMN TIME I listen to this song. Right when the flute/oboe/clarinet/whatever it is comes in... then when it rises up and everybody plays in perfect unison. WOW goosebumps for real.

And this is just how I feel off a damn YouTube video.

I need to get my box of tissues ready.


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