Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen...

...3/5 stars. I saw it on IMAX the day of release.

I liked it -- but there were somethings that bothered me. The dialog was pretty bland and left much to desire. You had to expect this coming into it though -- it's one of 'those' action movies.

The formula? Hot girls + Robots + Explosions + Megan Fox + Tyrese one-liners + ??? = $$ PROFIT $$

Basically a nerd's fantasy. Not this nerd though. I mean, the best parts were easily the action scenes. Unfortunately, those said scenes were few and far between in my humble opinion. The last scene though, not gonna lie, that was pretty filthy.

I don't want to spoil much... well screw it. Quick overview, the humans get their ass kicked the whole time until the Transformers come in and do their thing. Like the humans get it in the butt the whole time...*pause*

The humans literally didn't do anything -- you definitely aren't going to dismantle a 19382-ton Decepticon with a battle rifle brosef. Tyrese can shoot as many bullets he wants to, but he really ain't doing shit. He's still livin' off money from 'Sweet Lady' anyway.

What the movie really needed though was more Transformers -- ones with sweet powers and vehicles and shit. Some that will really take charge and decimate the Decepticons once and for all! I found some sweet ones that should be put in the next movie...

Look at this sweet tank! This guy would destroy Decepticons easy with his cannon!

Look at this crane thing! This guy could clean up the battle scenes by... pulling stuff away!

Michael Bay, please make it happen. 5/5 stars if you do. From your pal, Arthur.


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