Monday, December 8, 2008


This week I'm studying for my finals in the kitchen, away from my computer so I'm actually a little bit productive. Thing is, I can still see the TV from the kitchen... so I'm glancing over and I see the music video for Beyonce - Single Ladies.

Cot damn.

Every time I see this video, I get memorized for a little. It's like her movements putting me in a trance, drooling all over my big ass lips, getting my homework all wet and shit. How did Jay-Z bag this? I'm wondering this because for sure dude's not pullin' with his look game.. no homo. Maybe his swagger is on hundred, thousand, trillion... like Arthur.

Anyway, Beyonce gots it like that. She's definitely up there for me... but not above my girlfriend (see what I did there?).

But anyway, I get tired of studying and hop on the computer for a little bit and I see this...


I gotta go... hahaha


  1. NT FTW ha! word on this post on Bey. GL with the studies and shiet