Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I hit Rhianna...

... but she gave me the herps man.

The herps.

That stays with you foreverrrr, foreverrrrrr, foreverrrrr, foreverrrr on the dance floor.

I didn't really hit her, but people have said I look like an asian version of Chris Brown (I did not start this) and they have been giving me comments in person and on the internet -- "Why did you hit Rhianna? You gotta stop with that..!" What am I to do?

If that rumor is true, that Rhianna did give him herpes... man that's serious business. AND from Jay-Z. That's effed up haha. I couldn't imagine what I would do, because damn there is no cure for that -- It's for life, dawg.

But Chris, you didn't have to give her the super punch though. Police reports say that Rhianna's face was effed up beyond recognition -- like bruises everywhere on her face. Pretty crazy.

Then Jay-Z is sayin' Chris Brown is a dead man walking? Pulleeezze doggie. If anything, he's going to send somebody else to do it -- he wouldn't dare ruin his image over something he's not directly involved in. Besides, Jay-Z has done his own rendition of Chris Brown's Take You Down in the past...

But whatever, I don't really talk about celebrities... but since people have been telling me that I look like Chris Brown, I'd thought I'd shed some light.

Arthur out!


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