Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Funny YouTube Comments Vol. 1

I watch insane amounts of videos on YouTube. I swear I've wasted/enjoyed a lot of my time on this website. Let's take a closer look...

This is my YouTube profile. Check the amount of videos I've watched. 11,264.


Let's do some quick math: 11,264, let's say 4 minutes a video... that's 45056 minutes. There's 1440 minutes in one day, so thats 31.29 days spent watching videos on YouTube. Thats 8.57% of the year.

Cot damn! And yes I'm a nerd, suck it.

With that, I've seen some of the craziest comments on these videos. I swear, people on YouTube have no regard, no respect, no care in the world when leaving these comments. There's definitely some outlandish shit I've seen.

Also, there's some comments where I'm scratching my head (no homo, get it?) and wondering, "What's you're education like doggie?" I swear I feel like I'm trying to decipher an ancient language sometimes when I'm reading these comments -- like on some Egyptian hieroglyphics, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, super sleuth, Hardy Boys type shit.

I would like to share with you, some examples.

Ludacris ft. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett - I know what them girls like [Lyrics]
tic4tic4 (2 days ago) Show Hide
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i love this song so much i would proboly finat if i really seeen him or i would kiss himm

'Finat' huh? I don't know what that means, but I think she wants to have sex with Chris Brown. Or just kiss him.

Usher - Trading Places
iManicMan (52 minutes ago) Show Hide
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dis song iz hot i no dis random bt he gt cute toes n sik trianers bet wifey pist at da song even do dey actin

iManicMan is commenting on Usher's toes. Better call 'no homo' dog. Unless you're actually gay, that's okay too -- I'm not going to be pist at you.
leejalloh1981 (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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lmfao wtf its shes on top and his at da bottom means dat shes grindin on him stupid learn ya shit be4 i say shit like u nava let a gurl come on top off u be4 to grind ya dick or u don't cuzz u nava had sex

Translation: "I am laughing, confounded by your ignorance -- the woman is pleasing herself on top of the man. Educate yourself before I have to teach you. You haven't had a female orgasm on top of you during coitus before? Maybe it's because you never have had intercourse."

YouTube User ekaiann's profile
loserandsohigh23 (4 days ago)
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has anyone ever touched your clit??

Not gonna lie, I laughed pretty hard at this. This guy went all in for real, but have some class man! Hahahaha

Alright alright, I gotta go -- time to be productive. Take it ez ya'll!


  1. LOL. you forgot the first one we saw that started all this madness, baby. ;)

    "dayam diz shyt sound gud az fuq!"