Sunday, May 25, 2008

I just wanted to say...

I write this stuff for fun. I write it because I enjoy thinking and doing random ass things. This is just pure Arthur right here, no joke.

But enough of me, I just wanted to make this post for the readers -- all 2 of you. Hahaha, I'm kidding.. but seriously I get compliments from the readers and to tell you the truth, it make me smile so so so big.. both inside and outside. Like I don't care how people view me, I'ma do me.. you can count on that. It's just that having people tell you that they enjoy what you're doing... it's very heartwarming to me.

Maybe the blog will turn into a website, then to something else.. who knows. But I just wanted to say 'thank you!' I not only write my blog for myself, but also for everybody else.

Thank you ;]

AND if you don't like my blog....

hahaha arthur signin out.. take it ez y'all!!