Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get it right! Get it tight!

Whatever kind of yoga this is... I ain't mad at it!

Got me lookin like Ahhnold in Red Sonja...

This has me straight up laughin tho -- girl could probly give me black eyes with her ass cheeks. How she look like she have 2 baby aliens inside her buttcheeks about to burst out word to Sigourney Weaver? That shit ain't right!

About my updates, don't you worry about it. I've just been swamped with things... but I'll get back on it. Keepin' quick for now but just you wait... just you wait...


  1. that was ugly baby.


    gross. you WOULD post something like that!! brat!

  2. especially because booty isnt the first physical feature i look at. but i'd have to appreciate what the girl was doing. hahaha and conan over there which made me laugh cuz i sat up in my chair to get a closer look hahahahahaha