Sunday, January 13, 2008

How I Spent My Saturday

Yesterday I did not watch the Seahawks game. I did not drink any alcohol (sadly). What I did do though is do something crazier than that....

I played video games with 60 other nerds. Hahahaha

The Seahawks lost anyway. ;[

I went to a Smash Bros. Melee tournament on campus, brought my digital cammmmm and had some fun. Check out this video:

Basically there was around 60 people there, and it cost like 15 dollars to play in the tournament. The total pot was like 750 dollars (I know wtf). But yeah... it was just a little chiew (chill) and I had fun.

I lost all my casual games, but that just means I'm just too sexy time for this game hahahah

Some quotables I overheard:

Yeah I should have did the up throw, up air, up air, up air, to forward smash...

Pizza...? Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza *they all congregate to the other room*

What the fuck, shit on my face! (lol for real dawg?? hahah)

After that, I just went to the gym to chisel my rock hard body no homo then I went home and cooked myself some din din.

Take it ez yall ;]


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